3Pointedit - Sketchbook

Heres my latest image, light streaks and clouds… just a couple samples in Eevee!

Well this seems like fun… not sure I make enough to warrant a sketchbook but some tests and example screenies.

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Accidentally made this desertscape while making this forest scene…

Need more variations on the tree, but looks nice otherwise. Rotating some of the trees could help, but it would also help to have several variations as well. Great texturing, though!

Haha. Yes I was lazy and only had one tree. Its more of a test and I was surprised that simple cards with lamp halo works so well. The shallow dof sucked though and I don’t want to use cycles for animation.

Hmm, think I’m going to put up some screen grabs of interesting set ups. So I don’t loose them in the future.

billboard cloud.blend (1.5 MB)

A quick visual reference for scene swapping

A texture projected room effect

Keying out a specific colour effect

polar wrap test.blend (545 KB)

A couple ways to create a polar wrap image.

Approaching car headlights for a TV program

Adding a glow to the alpha of some text. This is an FAQ type post :wink:

Adding dashed lines to simple strokes. Cool effect for mograph work.

Cycles volumertrics are cool.

Adding distortion to a video image with generated textures.

distort effect.blend (809 KB)

Dots and lines of halftone effect.

Break down of coloured effect

halftone effect enhanced.blend (773 KB)

Unsharp effect nodes


Unsharp nodes.blend (694 KB)

…aaaand subscribed. Great work with that glitch effect! I think the halftone effect works better in BW, the color version should probably have some displacement in the channels to simulate the dots of ink.

Hey Januz thats a neat idea. I never really considered using it in 3D, just conceived it as a video effect.


Here’s a take on a cool vertical lines effect. There’s some easy to change nodes, like noise and random bars.

Here is a better digital glitch I made earlier

It relies on a duplicate of the source video to advance frames and hold them in a matte shape generated from a Cell Noise texture.

Did you know that you can make your own grid warp tool using the tracker and compositor? Track and stabilize some video then unwrap a UV plane, distort it a bit as required. Stick it back over the source footage.

track patch.blend

Here’s a demonstration.

And it turns out that you can just parent a couple of empties, one as a hook, to alter the mesh over time.

Here is a graphic element I needed for work (TV doco stuff), it’s flashing blue lights like police or emergency lights.

It’s really quick to render but is quite low res, feel free to scale up the render size. Animated over 2 secs at 25 fps.

FLASHING lights.blend

The other day at work I had to produce a quick animation with labels. I made the geometry and labels easily but was stuck on how to quickly animate a drawn line to attach the label to a spot.

What would be the quickest and easiest way to create a straight line from point a to point b? And then what is the easiest way to do that with a little circle at the end, like a point node?simple track mographic.blend/uploads/default/original/4X/3/c/0/3c07cb6069a10e176e78623a7917dcfbbb6fea8d.jpgd=1405496400&thumb=1
I made a beveled curve (vector for straightness) in 30 secs, constrained it to a plane and added a hook as doublebishop said to track spot on screen.

Had to make some maps with cars driving down them today. So I used dupliframe objects over a path to make a dotted line. This seemed easier than creating an array. Also I used a cool addon created by Hapit over at CGCookie.

It automates a slideshow function for a bunch of images imported as planes.
I quickly built and tweaked a series of maps with camera moves and sent that to the VSE but I didn’t render from the VSE. No I used the camera switching there to manipulate what rendering is sent to the compositor.

Here is the .blend, I am still rendering tests animation so I don’t have a frame to put up yet.