400+ Blender Tutorials for Beginning and Intermediate Users

Hi everyone,

I’ve nearly complete almost 500 tutorials, organized in YouTube Playlists, to help new users, and advanced beginners to get better grounded in Blender. They only average 5 minutes in length to keep it simple. For intermediate users, I’ll soon post more advanced material on my SciFiAnimator web site. Thanks for watching.

Thank you very much. Great stuff.

You’re very welcome. Thanks for following along.

This is awesome
thanks a lot.

You’re very welcome!

I gotta say, these are amazingly helpful especially for someone just starting out in 3d modeling/animation such as myself.
thank you so much for putting these together.

You’re welcome.

This is a great repository for tutorials. I just discovered it, and have to recommend that everyone check it out. Solid material, short succinct tutorials, that will help you develop your technical blender skillset. Here are some samples of his tutorials, He can probably point you to his favorite tutorial series.

Thanks very much for the playlist, I’m very excited to start using blender this is so helpful!

I haven’t used blender in years, this is exactly what I’m looking for! Thank you!

Nice Dude!

you have a new subscriber :slight_smile:

nice collection of tuts, real helpful

Wow, overwhelming! Thanks so much! I appreciate all the wonderful people who share their knowledge on YouTube. I just subbed and will be going through the tuts. Thanks again!

Thanks Stormwirl for your 400 tutorials.
Is there any of those as can teach me how to render Blender (animations ) with Cycle.
I have try many times but the rendering times ar 4-6 days. To much.

You’re quite welcome. Best of luck with your projects.

You’re quite welcome.

Wow… thanks so much for the effort.

Really appreciate it.

You’re very welcome. Thanks for watching.

You’re very welcome.