48/2(9+3)=? Blender CG

i just want to see how educated the blender community is :wink:


why you gotta cheat lol

you just ruined the whole thread xD

Even though I use Python for virtually everything, I force myself to do simple arithmetic in my head.

So, here’s how my mind works:

24 * 12 —> 24 * 10 + 24 * 2 —> 240 + 48 —> 288

or if you can’t be bothered firing up your python interpreter:

EDIT: I see, it was trying to catch you out, because some people would have done 48/(2(9+3)) ending up with 2 as a result

I see neither Blender nor CG in this thread. Move to off-topic?

do u see it now xD

some people use P.E.M.D.A.S and they put multiplication before division you are supposed to do which one ever come first right?
left to right

I completely agree with her

Is this a game?

i dont see how it is written wrong my school gave me problems just like this and you have to work out which one comes first in the division or multiplication does the world teach every one how to do math differently?

Oh. Sorry, I just saw that there was a poll in the beginning. Sorry if I blew the whole point of the thread…
There WAS a point, right…?

no its ok im trying to get people to discus their answers
so far you are the only one to get the answer 2 would you like to explain :smiley:

No. Math is a universal language. There is only one way to do this problem correctly, provided one understands elementary algebra.
It isn’t like French or English, where everything has different pronunciations and spellings, depending on whether or not one is from Texas…

I used
Parenthesis | Exponents | Multiplication | Division | Addition | Subtraction

Perform the operations inside a parenthesis first
Then exponents
Then multiplication and division, from left to right
Then addition and subtraction, from left to right
and i got 288 we must be doing something different

It is not 2. parenthesis first, multiplication/division done in reading order

If one really wanted the answer to be 2, it should have been written


For educational purposes I’d say that it’s good to go through the order of operations, but in real life you should express yourself as clearly as possible. Expressions like this is not something that most people encounter on a regular basis, so they might not remember the correct order, or they might simply not be thinking too much on what they are doing, and might get it wrong, that doesn’t mean that they are uneducated.

Uh, well, if everyone starts discussing HOW to do the problem, then the people who don’t get it will just start pretending that they do. Then you’ll never have an idea how intelligent the general BA community is, just the know-it-alls. And the problem with this set-up is, there is no playground and no real sand to kick in the faces of the know-it-all after he’s sat in class with his hand exploding through the ceiling going “Ohh ohhh, call me, call me!”

Start with Parenthetical Expression first. 9+3 is 12. Multiply the 12 in the Parenthesis by the 2, get 24. 24 goes into 48 twice.
Oddly, I was an English Major BECAUSE I hated math in college, and inability to do math made life difficult in my ORIGINAL major, Computer Science.
And being an English Major makes sanity difficult in the Big Test that is Life On The Internet…

ok but you work from left to right which makes division come before the multiplication right?