911GT WiP- env map simple draw.Current Stage.

Actual stage of modeling, basic textures (low res) and env map added. I use internal blender’s render only to do simple draw of the whole scente. Finally LM series 'll be rayutraced with povray.http://www.blender.pl/images/pgtlarge800x600.jpg?

High quality picture at http://themedepot.org in section wallpapers - *.tar.gz package.

From the other side. Have you got any sugestion of particles effect substitute in povray or yafray ?

Now i’m waiting for [email protected]’s crits [can you explain me best[most precisiouis way] method to take a screenshoot of scene for texture poroduction with gimp?]. I read all tutorials i found but all are for low poly/mid poly models or simple objects and surfacces - not for high quality and high res scenes.

Your colors seem a bit washed out…is thats a post process thing? And is that a split in the windsheild?

I believe it’s a windshield wiper, DeSoto. :wink:

I thought so too at first but an earlier version he showed had the two halves of the model joined together semi-permanently with a divide right down the middle of the whole thing and I was just curious if thats what it was. Windsheild wiper is as good a guess as mine. Probably better.

no env maps yet? Looks pretty good so far! I assume you’re gonna add dirt to it, right? :slight_smile:

2xClick :<

Right. It’s a matter of post process with gimp’s color curves plugin and splitting color channels of RGBcolor palette for two alpha layers. Simply run your gimp and change colors curve.

No there’s no split! It’s thing of light’s direction and builtin blender’s[ 2.27] render. Today i changed direction of light and it’s ok.

Environment map with blender it’s nonsense for my scene [I need only 1layer from one direction of env map not 8x env+8 virtual cameras with alpha at one surf/ object ]. With blender high quality env map takes 100x more time than with yafray at the same quality. I’m making it finally for yafray render- not for blender.

If you want to use all combinations of environment mapping or small showcase (not published bike with a rider- took me 3 months:) just say. I can show you some combinations you didn’t see anywhere, but i need more place:( to host my all images or i can [email protected] it to You.

(env at all possible objects, surfaces, nor+env map, multi env map, several layers of env map texture - reflection from different directions and angles at one surface or reflection of choosen elements of the scene, or maybe plugin.so + texture+nor texture+emit text+env)) i can show you what i did -ready materials of course:), i don’t think that tutorial is needed :smiley: .

For newbies from newbie (so don’t read it :slight_smile:

Blender env map quick tutorial:
1.Layer one: space->Mesh->object
2.Layer two: space->empty [your virtual camera- look at axies and symetry in x,y,z it definies direction of reflection - what’s seeing your wirtual camera is dropped on surface / object’s surfaces-simple surf. transformation known from algebra ]
3.At layer one add new material to your object and in texture window chose env map input empty, empty.001…00n for multienvmap/multitexture with alpha transparency at material window, than select [right] layer with your object ->not render, in material chose reflection vector as your texture vector [vector at the center view of your virtual camera ]| to virt.camera surf = env.surf. and again and again …max 8 env maps at one surface at blender[at each env you can choose another empty object with different objects/layers to render and not to…

That’s all

Great thanks for your sugestion, but i don’t need/wan’t blender’s env map:)!
Let me know if you want to send you my high end environment map showcase :wink: .

Dirt:) ??? Dirt, fire and particles like weather conditions with Yafray!!!

P.S. Especially for You i’ll do it with blender’s env map :D.

Don’t believe your eyes. Believe in lights waves.

Bingo!It’s wiper!

Didn’t know you were so vocal about env maps! :slight_smile:
I have a question for you: what do I need to use yafray; I have installed it already, but I can’t get yable(?) to work…

Simple. You need Python language interpreter working at your system with installed modules like “math.py” or “umath.py” with definition of math’s symbols, functions, arguments …etc (set correct $Path for your shell for pythhon executable *.exe or symlink inside ./bin to your python executable #! /bin/sh - bash script) inside Yable/Yablex and other idividual variations of Yafray Blender Exporter set correct YABLEROOT=$Path directory for your material definitions, output files , exported files etc.
Iimport args are most important for correct working with geometry etc… so pay attention to math.py script to be most completed and iside your python $Path. or create there ln -s


Ok.One more thing. Just say if you are interested in erlang, esdl and wings 3D compilation for all OS’s - best way is if your OS is self compiled/recompiled to optymise it for your equipment [from scratch is much faster]. I’ll write small tutorial.

When i saw last [email protected]’s renders made with Yafray, i realized that’s no sense to publish very early stages of works if there are better in the same topic.

So it’ my last WiP untill i finish it at all and i can say it’s good.

My note for now 0,3 / 10. No -0,3/10. I need more time.Much more time.

What’s going on???

When i exported my scene from Povanim my script crashed and at my terminal i got strange log
-version 2.28-08.d with blender 2.28and older 2.27 with blender 2.27 my os Debian:

Don’t know exactly what os ( maybe posix;) we run but we are runing :slight_smile:
File “lanc_povanim.py”, line 1097, in bevent1…
…line 899, in export_file
…line 10170, in Test_exportVers
…line6495, in writeCamera
AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘atan’
Error Totblck: 7
button string len: 8 0x858c39c
button string len: 8 0x858297c
button string len: 8 0x86d8fa4
button string len: 8 0x858bdc4
button string len: 8 0x858bf04
button string len: 8 0x858bf54
button string len: 384 0x8a3e43c

I’m affraid that’s very basic error, but i don’t know what could cause my problem???
Python version?
GCC -version my os is compiled with / different than used for Blender compilation?
Blender 2.28a bugs (something wrong with render window it always is 800x600 and without AA???) - May it be caused by nvidia gfx???

  1. I use umath.py module.

Povanim needs python 2.2 builtins math module
(in linux/unix os this module is named something like “math.so” )

  1. I use umath.py module.

if there is a umath.atan function try to rename umath as math
or install a more compatible math module (it seems that your
umath module does not convert original math.atan correctly)


Povanim needs python 2.2 builtins math module
(in linux/unix os this module is named something like “math.so” )

  1. I use umath.py module.

if there is a umath.atan function try to rename umath as math
or install a more compatible math module (it seems that your
umath module does not convert original math.atan correctly)


Great thanks!!!

Now i see where’s the problem. I thought that’s incorect(incomplette definition)into my python script. What’ll be better math.pyc (gcc compiled? but it seems to be more complette) or math.pyo. ?

Where can i find downloadable math.py or complette definitions of math’s functions???
May You send me a link ? I was looking for it at google search and i didn’t find the file???


I’v just renamed umath.so->math.so, recompiled my python, edited mya math.py and definitions by hand with my xedit and again the same error with atan.

Where to download ‘math.py’ python module ???
I was looking for it everywhere but i didn’t find any complette
:< .

I do not know how it works on debian (I just did some tests on mandrake 9.0)
But if something like rpm exists on debian, try to install a
development/python rpm ( but, if i believe the wessages on the net, it seems
that the debian distrib has several problems with the math module).

Wowza Burt.S!!

For a wip this is looking fantastic, but It wouldnt be any help to you unless I posted some crits too, so here goes:

First off, the modeling is brilliant, I looked hard, but I could only find really small errors (so small that Im not even sure they are errors)…

The painted decals are very nice, but the logo’s seem a little bit blurred and low res, maybe a higher resolution texture would be in order.

Also, Im not too sure what the dark thing in the background is meant to be, they hills or something else?

Thats all in terms of crits, respect on the great work :smiley:

With Debian works GREATTTTTTTTTTTT!!!

Now i know what math module is the best!!!1

Here’s solution for Debian Gnu/Linux/BSD/Gentoo:

cd /…/pythonpath/lib-dynload
cp cmath.so /…/pythonpath/cmath.so
cp math.so /…/pythonpath/math.so

or create symlinks:
ln-s /…/math.so /…/./math.so

Sor.I’m smailing now. Hahah… it was solution


You are quite right. It’s a matter of low-res textures, black background is a place for tribunes and buildings, now i’m working hard with both povanim (my first work with povray) and my yablex mutation to choose best one for finall effect - as you said - clear without hdri.

I’v done several probes with env map at all surfaces with internall blender render but it hasn’t such real feeling as raytracing.

Btw. Any method to do good specular/lens effect with yable/povanim ?

Your work is great ! I’m still feeling like newbie .

I hate packages and *.rpm based distributions fist of all they are optymised for wide range of different equipment and architectures.

If something goes wrong it’s usually my work :wink:

Best way to get good, fast and stable os is compilation from the scratch and recompilation of most important system elements. My woody’s working almost a year and everything works great-because of the best documentation in packages and carefull reading and building.

BTW. If i remember my potato never crashed during years:), Slackware 8.1 and 9.0 also very stable FreeBSD 4.5 relase and 5.0 also without any problems:) . BTW- try gentoo Live CD:) -
great fun!

Debian is the best.