A grecoroman terracotta

Long time to post here,
Merry christmas to everyone!
Inspired from a greco-roman terracotta in Egypt.
Zbrush/3dcoat project, rendered in cycles (2.61) - 2000 px / 500 passes ~10mins. No PP except frame.


i like this one :slight_smile:

great material and sculpt :slight_smile:

Thanks MmAaXx.
BTW cycles is so easy to setup. I’m impressed.

hi everyone,

@michalis.Awesome!nice pic.Great textures work dude!

Very nice modeling and lighting, but the material and the textures doesn’t impress. Terracotta isn’t that shiny (though i know it’s not necessarily a representation of a terracotta statue, only inspired from it). To me it looks like a silver statue with worn out skintoned paint applied on. Like a cheap kitsch-figure found from basement.

Thanks metalDX.
Texture painting, using cavity masking. Possible in blender, using vertex painting? I can’t remember, MichaelW posted an interesting tut once. Unable to find it now. Blenderartists forum became a bit chaotic. LOL

Great sculpting and realistic rendering.Cycles is putting Blender in a very high level.Congrats.

Thanks Savio Pedro. Indeed cycles is a big step.
Samuq, you don’t know much about ceramics. How they are presented in some museums I mean. Waxed probably.

really cool render!
I really like the texture/material you’ve got there - I’ll have to look for that post by michaelW you mentioned

great sculpt too, of course :slight_smile:

Thanks Jeepster.
Yeah where is this post? And this other on real time previewing bump painting?
Blenderartists is a great school sometimes but a bit chaotic LOL.
It took me less than five mins to setup this. I love cycles. The texture isn’t anything fancy. See capture. Two emitters and a 0.1 environment. Thats all.

Awesome. I looks like chocolate figure too me, tasty so I want to eat it. Did you noticed any speed improvements in new cycles?
I think you should place it’s facial structures bit lower. The younger human is the lower eyes sits in skull. Just a note

LOL chocolate. Thanks Jose.
I may provide you with some more chocolate like. Should be darker and with some SSS.
SSS in cycles, is what I’m testing now. The experimental volume shader node. It looks very promising.
I don’t have benchmarks on speed. I use 2.61 only. It’s fast for me. CPU render is ~ double time of the fastest GPUs around. Not bad.
I became addicted on the real time render window. Very civilized lol. The nodes setup is really fast. Just setup from properties and some manual optimization if needed. For those who may be confused with nodal system. I’m not.

beautiful work,has captured the spirit of the sculpture(dance and the expression).any link to webpages on such greco-roman terracota sculptures?

Very nice work, as usual!


The volume shader node? I didn’t even think that had any funcionality yet, was just there for the future plans…

Looks real and looks very funny. You expect it begin to dancing.
I have read that the files where you use volume shader are not compatible with normal builds so you can loss things, so beware and work in a copy always when playing with volume shader.
As Sanne pointed sometime, just now is impossible to have a material that has diffuse without bump mapping and then a coating with bump mapping above. When Brecht adds that all our files will break I think so it would be better doing the change now than wait more time for it.

v3ry n1ce i like it!! :slight_smile:

Thanks Bao2, alexiar
@bao2, I know, I save temp files only. These aren’t any great scenes, just simple setups to render imported objs. So, I won’t lose anything really. For volume node as SSS, I delete all except figure and render volume+translucent something.
(Oh, I avoid using transparent background export because of the DOF. Another issue not having a separate depth map.)
Then I compose it as top screen layer. Just for stills and experimentation. Not of further practical use.

Eh, testing experimental volume shader cycles build. It works with environment lighting only, for the moment, so don’t expect a very convincing sss effect under direct emitters. But it’s almost there, a slight sss so noticeable on aged marbles.


can say only WOW!

Thanks. Just another sculptris doodle. The faster way to present your sculpting. Cycles.