A more conspicuous/legible status line display?

YMMV, but I find the status line statistics difficult to parse and read.

  1. Is there any way to alter it? Or is there an alternative display?

  2. I suspect part of the issue is simply justification: it’s buried in the text down there under the properties in a graphically ‘busy’ corner. Simply justifying it w/the edge of the 3d view gives this:

  3. Removing some not-so-important info (probably quite useful to the devs, but so what?) gives this:

  4. But I think the main problem (again, if you don’t care, you probably didn’t reach this far) is that it’s just a long linear string of numbers and text: I think a better layout for this data would be vertical:

So, are there any alternatives? Some addon that puts a persistent display into the 3dView?

Ask yourself the right question: “Is this status bar useful to me?”

No, so don’t display it: Window Menu> Show Status Bar

Yes, then you could use this addon which displays information on the scene / objects directly in the view …
ExtraInfo for Blender

. . . for my part, my choice goes rather to this addon:
AStats: Statistics for Blender
Statistics display for Blender 2.8 with a lot of customization

On this thread of the Forum, you will find a multitude of interesting addons:
List of addons that work with 2.8

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Very good. :+1: I think like you I’ll use AStats, although I wish I could nudge the global stats more closely to the bottom right corner - the X axis tops out at 1000, and I need like another 300 pixels for optimum goodness.

the X axis tops out at 1000, and I need like another 300 pixels for optimum goodness.

Wow, what configuration do you have. . . personally I am on a 32 inch wide screen (2560x1440) and I have no problem !!

That said, this “constraint” can be resolved by modifying some of the addon code …
On line 54, you must modify the Max value taken by the X axis …

gLocX:bpy.props.IntProperty(name="X",description="Relative X position", default=880,min=0,max=1300)

…here I passed it to 1300.

Huh, I’m on a dual monitor setup, and FWIW very modest specs. I habitually use the right hand monitor.

I assumed the add-on did an offset from the corners of the 3dView, but didn’t really delve into it.

Thanks for the tip! :+1:

There is one flaw, IMO, YMMV: In QuadView, it doesn’t adjust itself and if you have the global stats in the lower right-hand corner the display becomes far off-screen. Oh, and the selected display ‘jumps’ vertically offscreen.

So, code to detect QuadView mode would be nice, and perhaps just have one (of each) of the displays shown instead of duplicated in each vuport.

IOW, I guess I better learn Python. :cry: :wink:

Indeed, this can be a solution. . . but don’t forget that above all BLENDER is based on a strong community of people.

So the simplest:

  • contact the author of this addon …
    • to thank him for his work … :+1:
    • to submit the problem you have (use on a double screen, quadview error …) :desktop_computer: :desktop_computer: