A Real Boy

Even though I hate realism… I decided to try and do a realistic face. This one to me was more of a challenge because little wrong move and it made the whole face look like an old man.

Anyways This is still a work and progress… I need to smooth it out somemore… still looks a little too mature.


Any Crits welcome :slight_smile:

:smiley: look good so far, although I don’t know why, but I have the impression he must be some kind of brat… (maybe because of the (slanted?) eyes and slight frown :))

One solution to help in doing a child might be to give him bigger eyes? I heard children has eyes that in proportion are bigger than those of adults…
The ears seem to be too large and might not be in the right position…

And it depends of the age you give to your boy. Is it a child? Or an early teen?

:smiley: All I can say (I am not a pro or an artist) is gather reference, study your subject… (I know, that doesn’t help much, but modelling without reference is like painting in the dark and hope it will look great :P)

Nice start:) The ears may be too far back on the head, and in the front view you can’t see his hair, meaning his face my be too wide at the front. He does have a distinct personality, looks like the local bully;)

Hey thanks for the comments you guys…
And yes looking at some references and increaseing the eye-socket size did help. :slight_smile:


I’m going for a 9-10 year old.

Little update…


There is something wrong about the eyes (maybe too big) I’ll work on it later.

the eyes don’t have irises. Also, to make the face childish, try making the nose smaller.

That’s really good! I like his expression and “personality”, but, one thing I noticed is that the mouth (and the chin underneath) seems a bit wide. I think this is one thing that might make him look a bit older.

The shadow under the front of the cheeks probably also adds a bit of age, since this slightly resembles that “creasing thing” that tends to happen around that area with age – I’m having a hard time explaining this properly :slight_smile: but maybe if you make this transition smoother, either by letting the cheek bones sink in a bit or push the mouth part (upper/lower lip, chin) forward a bit, that might reduce his age a bit too.

Anyway this is just comments in terms of his apparent age, the model itself is great and they’re not “bad” parts at all. But, I think they’re symbols of an older age than you’re going for perhaps. :slight_smile:

Wow, while I was playing around with color you guys already replied. I’ll take the advice into consideration when editing the model tomorrow. Thanks!


Note: The eyes were stolen from Blendo.

Not much of an update, but I’ve decided to leave the head alone for now and concentrate on the body.

In the latest picture you posted (with the clothes), his ears look a bit too long. Also, the neck should be wider where it meets the t-shirt…


Looking good, though maybe a little more cartoony than real.

I think the hair is a little “mature” for a modern 9 year old. He looks like he’s grown his long fringe to hide the fact he’s receding. :o Maybe find some pics of school kids to see how they wear their hair these days.

I suspect the eyes are a little too high in the head - or that the cranium (top half of his head) is too small. Hard to tell without a front/side view. The eyes should be halfway between the chin and top of head and a human cranium is surprisingly large (it has to hold an entire brain), especially in kids.

This girl’s head painting might give you a better idea of overall proportions:
If you plan to animate him, we’ll need to see some mesh pics to judge the topology.

All in all though, looking good.

The hair is just temporary… Just didn’t want to post pictures of the kid bald. And yes I do hope to animate him. Here is the wireframe: http://snowshoe.f2o.org/Blender/Boy_Wire01.gif

[edit]Ok I did try to stretch the top part of his head: (much better, thanks for the advice)

Not much of an update, But before I model the body I wanted to see if I could get the proportions right. Something seems wrong, so I’m going to get some books at the library (cartooning books) which show the scale for different age grouped people. Unless someone can provide a link, I’ve been having trouble finding anything.


Even though I hate realism… I decided to try and do a realistic face.

So much for this then :slight_smile:

:smiley: It definitely has a cartoon style.
But it looks more and more like a boy. A good ol’ 1950’s era boy at least…

About the proportion, it doesn’t matter much for a cartoon character (Peanuts™®© characters had elastic arms, uh?) as long as it look ok.

:o I might be wrong though (duh!)

move the eyes closer together, reduce the size of the nose and move it up a wee bit, thats if ur still after a childs proportions?

Ok I made the nose smaller, and got the eyes closer together. I’ve also tried to fix the proportions of the rest for the body. Thanks for the advice.


I modeled the legs and feet based on adult references, but than tried to scale down to fit my previous attempt with cylinders and cubes)



:smiley: better and better.

:stuck_out_tongue: You should model a blender teddy bear to go with the blender boy :slight_smile:

After studying the Blendo Hands… I tried to duplicate the technique used, it’s quite amazing what you can do with so little amount of vertices. I’m thinking about redoing the feet.

Still needs a bit of scale-ing, since the goal so far was to dulicate the techique used in the blendo model.

You can download the blendo model here:

I think that his face is a bit too flat, and on an angle with the chin facing forwards.

Is that the default pose that you’ve shown there? It might cause a few problems when rigging - deformations gone wrong, but then again, Blendo’s arms are right down, and they work quite well.