A Tailor's Approach to Cloth Sewing in Blender

Of course, I’m not a tailor. But I guess, I benefit a lot from learning how to sew clothes in real life (like years ago), while watching an actual tailor turning a 2D piece of fabric into a piece of clothes which wraps nicely around the 3D shape of the body.

I mean, that’s kind of magic really. And I felt that magic when I made these clothes in Blender.

In making these, unlike the common approach, I didn’t rely on tediously editing and moving around the mesh manually until it fit the body nicely.

I did what a tailor would do: 1) measure the key measurements of the base model’s body, 2) cut a plane mesh accordingly based on the measurements, 3) connect each planes and put them in the correct place, 4) and voila, I got a piece of shirts and trousers.

There’s no trial and error process here, it just works perfectly out of the physics simulation. I did only a minimal manual fix in these, mostly merging the sewing vertices, and smoothing out the tricky areas.

So here’s a fun and satisfying time lapse:

Also these are the finished and clean up version of the clothes.

If you’re interested in seeing how I made these, please let me know.



I say go for the full walkthrough. Looks good.


Thanks. I’ll see if I can manage to make a tutorial for it. Should be a good fun to make though.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Holy Molly! Thanks a lot Bart. I definitely didn’t see it coming.

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Bro nice work. Really practical. can you show us the wire frame. Just to see the density of the mesh

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It’s around 10k faces and built with 1:1 scale, meaning it has a real life size.

Glad you liked it! I really hope that I get to make some sort of tutorials for this in the future.

That was really quick answer. Thank you. one more thing. can you show the cloth stimulation setting.

Yeah, it just happens that I’m in the front of computer right now.

Well, actually I didn’t do anything fancy with the setting. I used the presets which comes in Blender. For the shirt I used the Cotton preset, while for the trousers, I used the Denim one. The only important things I changed from the default setting are the collision distance, the object to 5mm, and the self to 2mm.

The other is more of an acquired taste and optional, that I changed the speed multiplier from 1 to 0.5 and the maximum force (in Shape drop down) from 0 to 20, because I just felt the animation was way too snappy with the default settings, that it didn’t give enough time for the cloth simulation to do its proper job.

And that’s it. I’m sorry that I didn’t give screenshots, since I feel that words will explain better than pictures when it comes to the settings. I hope it still helps.

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