Ace - Sketchbook

Hello guys,
This is my small contribution to the excellent idea of the sketchbook section! :evilgrin:
I wanted to introduce “Crononauta” a small sketch made ​​on a hot afternoon, in a little more than 4 hours.
Soon I’ll post a timelapse to illustrate the project! :wink:
Hope you like it !
Modelled-Sculpt-Texture-Render : Blender - Cycles
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Hi there!

Really cool sclupt. Love the reflections on the glass. Maybe the helmet could use more than one material. Are the bubbles made in compositing or rendered?

Keep it up!

Excellent work!:eyebrowlift:

Wow… This is absolutely amazing… I can’t even say which part I like the best. The helmet design, the sculpts, the liquid trickery or just that expression alone…

Hey thanks to all guys really!!! : )
As promised … timelapse of the project to illustrate!

Born as a sketch became a w.i.p. :slight_smile:

Awesome Works!

Place also timelapse, maybe they can be of help to someone! :slight_smile:

Model -Sculpt - Render :Blender/Cycles

Nice Work!

nevbms: Thanks! :wink:

Klamauk: Thank you! bubbles on the glass of the helmet I decided to shape them, to get more detail in the final result. It is possible to notice them better…

willettfx: Thanks!

Wow, you got some great stuff in here. I like the timelapses as well.

All of your characters are so impressive!

I missed this.
Wonderful sketchbook.
Impressive indeed.

Outstanding skills. Why don’t we heard about you before??

Hello! That viking is amazeballs!

you should try some nice cycles renders… the viewport stuff isn’t letting your great models shine through (IMO of course!)

great work man.

thnx for posting. time to up our game lols.

brilliant work ace.Indeed very inspiring.

Woooah awesome sculpts!

Awesome, Viking is just… impressive works !