[Add-on] Find Missing Textures - FMT

In the new version, I improve a lot the addon, the searching time is much faster now and work much more better, Also I added now the option to search for the missing textures in folders (and their subfolders)!

You always try to clean up or fix your project, so you want to know if all of your texture are in the right place, you press on the “Find missing texture” button, and you get a list of a lot image path, but you don’t know where to find them in your file, and which objects and material use them (so you can remove or replace this node or material that lost his image) and how to fix them - No more!

With this add-on you can get a full report of all the missing textures in your blender file.
Get info of all your missing textures and where to find them (in which objects, material and node you have a missing texture), and also get the name of the missing image textures and its path.

And you can also get a list of all the broken images in one place so you can easily fix them!


I love this addon!
I think i still get some things wrong about textures in blender…
the find missing function in blender is really slow, do you know why?
also linked images on a server with correct path are still shown as bad images…(they work in viewport and render)
a batch path replace (import-export json or csv…???) would be nice for relinking asset addon paths like vegetation / transportation / grass… because it is a real nightmare to change the give path by the addons from C to a networkdrive for rendering on a server

thx greets phil

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Hi thx!
-The “find missing texture” in my addon? it is slow at the first time you press it, but after the first time its very fast, i don’t know why it is slow at first, but maybe in the other updates of blender it will be faster.
-I will check the problem with the images on the server and I hope that i could fix that soon.
-A batch path replace sound like a very good idea, maybe i will ad it to the next version
And thx again for you feedback!

ok, thx!
this is a new tag?

Not at all. I can understand that tagging is not the post’s most exciting part.

its not your addon what is slow, its the native find missing (find all) in blender…in a normal archviz scene it takes at least 10mins to 30 mins to let blender find&relink the textures…
in my previous life i had some tool for max it was brilliant: https://colinsenner.com/relink-bitmaps/
maybe there are some ideas for you too :wink:
it would be great to have more control over the linked assets / textures…via a editable list or something like that.

thx for your effort.
cheers phil

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yes, maybe in the next version i will try to rebuild the “find texture” operation and not to use the blender option so it will be faster.
and thx for the link, i will check it

Looks to be about the same as Amaranth. Ive also used that in my custom addon and adjusted it a bit.
Im currently thinking about an easier way to relink missing files when users switch OS’s

Amaranth shows just a link and name. Ive added the find missing operator to it. IF we point it to a more top level folder, it will automatically find everything since the operator works recursively

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Depends on how you let it search. It search recursivly, so if you point it to a top level folder, it will work it self downwards into every folder.

Yeah, if all textures are in one folder you wouldn’t need that function. But in my case addons spread their textures all over your blend installation and if you got assets on a nother drive or server you must collect them sometimes. If i can give the addon 3 paths to search everytime (because my textures are always stored there) it would be so mich faster :wink:


The last few days I have been working on this plugin, and now it is much faster, and in addition to that I have also fixed a bug that for some reason sometimes there are a lot of missing images even though they worked properly, so if you bought the plugin, you can download the latest version now.
In addition to that, I continue to improve it, and I add an option to put in it the location of a folder (or several), and then he will look there for the missing textures, I believe it will be ready in the coming days.
And if you have more ideas of how to improve it, just let me know!

Yes that is a nice idea. I was thinking about doing something like that.
Im research and testing some code for my personal usage. I switch a lot between OSX and Windows, therefor each time i open the scene all the links or wrong. Ivve now code some code which automatically switches the paths. But i also wanted to extend it with a better find missing links. I ll be using the base from Amaranth. Thats about the same as this addon and is free.

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Hi, I just release a new version for the addon with a lot of improvements and bug fixes!!
In the new version, I improve the searching time, so now its much more faster and work much more better, Also I added now the option to search for the missing textures in folders (and their subfolders)!

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This sound like a nice idea to have the option to save two path locations, so when you move to other pc \ OS it will know where to search for your missing textures by default, I may add it in the next version.

I’ve been using this for awhile now and it’s definitely helped me on some big projects that were a mess in terms of missing textures. I’ve had a small issue with a file and the developer was very helpful in fixing it.

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Thx man!
I’m glad to hear that it was very helpful for you!

I’m working on a large-scale project and this is addon definitely make things easier!

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It can really help in big projects

Does it work with Blender 3.2 by any chance?

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