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Hi! I use blender for over 6 years now, but got into animating in blender only very recently.
I’d like to do motion graphics animations, like in AE/C4D. I stumbled upon a very basic issue:
I want to add bounce to a (single) keyframe, but the (bounce) interpolation mode won’t let me adjust this very precisely. EZinertia in AE does basically the exact thing I’d like blender to do (

I found out that there is or was a similar addon for blender (ADDON: Animation, bounce) but sadly i wasn’t able to find a working download link. (and most likely the addon wont work with 2.8)

Can sombody help me out how to solve this or provide the addon. I’ll be animating a lot in the near future and adding in bounces by hand is a nightmare!

Thanks a lot for your help! Your help is really appreciated!

Not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for or not but Nathan Vegdall (or however you spell his name) made a really good course on rigging where the first part is making a bouncing ball animation integrating squash and squish also allowing rotation. Great course even for experienced Blenderers.

I’m sorry to say but this doesnt help at all.
But after a full day + night i finally figured out how to correctly use the blender keyframe interpolations.
So for anyone reading this in the present or future:
If you are looking for an animation helper like EZinertia in AE, the blender system works now (2.8) different.

This is no longer possible. You have to make 3 (!) keyframes like in the screenshot below, then double klick the middle one and set it to elastic. Most likely you have to fiddle around with the values. Keep in mind: you can set the period to a negative value and change the position of the last keyframe to adjust the bounce!

Are you sure the bounce panel in 2.79 doesn’t come from an addon you installed? I don’t have those options in my copy of 2.79. I don’t think these settings were ever officially supported in blender.

Yes, this is the addon

After reading through my posts I have to say they are rather confusing! Sorry for that!
The gif shown above is from an old addon. The addon is nowhere to be found and most likely not compatible with blender 2.8. That’s why I said “its no longer possible” - not meaning that older versions of blender had that feature implemented.

This may not solve your problem, but I thought I’d share that I made a patch to add variables to the bounce interpolation method, like exist for the elastic interpolation method.

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Sounds useful! I’ll give it a try in the coming days!