ADDON: Animation, bounce

I’ve recently made an addon like Delay (spring) in cinema4D.

awesome, i’ll add it to next build if Allah wishes.

small bug fix,

Improvement for armature and bones.

hi, thanks for updates

when will it go to contrib? :slight_smile:

I don’t know. Should i do something??

do some bug-testing, maybe add a little bit of options or extra features, then commit to svn :slight_smile:

Neat addon, curve modifier means I can use it on other values (non object) too! Thanks.

Very handy. However would you be able to make the influence work in the negative value also, at the moment it stops at “0”. This would allow you to use it for “follow though”. At the moment it can be done by changing the Sine amplitude to a positive number but it would be nicer if the bounce influence controlled this in one slider.

@kgeogeo: thanks man :slight_smile:

This seem to be a great add-on bouncing time saver. But is it still compatible with recent Blender versions (2.66.4)??

I’ve not test since a while. Try and give me return.

If I move my original end keyframe in the dopesheet the script no longer responds. I am stuck with the previous bounce and I do not know how to remove it at that point? (Note: I can add a new bounce, but the old one remains and I am forced to delete all my keyframes and start again.)

Is there anyway to make the bounce stick to the last keyframe?

This is a nice AddOn concept, however, good work!

I’m working currently on 2 other addon so I’m pretty busy. But I will take a look in the week.
Thanks for your comment.

Super awesome, thanks for sharing

Hey @kgeogeo,
Thanks you so much for this new add-on and Happy New Year 2015 too!

Is this compatible with blender 2.76?

It isnt needd anymore, you can select any keyframe and hit t in the graph editor and select bounce or other keyframe interpolation type, jut make sure you have 2 keyframes and that you add it to the first one.

I think could the administrator edit some post to say “this is not need in blender276, because …”?