[Addon] Advanced Sculpting Version 1.2

(antoni4040) #1

Advanced Sculpting is a Blender add-on that allows you to create brush categories, import them easily from one project to the other, import multiple textures from a file and also a whole new UI that is non-intrusive, meaning that it allows you to quickly change settings and select different brushes without ever getting in your way.
Blender Market link

I would like to thank Kilon for his amazing Morpheas library and Kostas Nikolopoulos for some of the ideas.

(PixelPete) #2

Oh my goodness!!! You sir are a rockstar; I´ve been trying and failing miserably at creating something like this for a year now. I can stop this struggle at last. Take my money, rock on! :RocknRoll::RocknRoll::RocknRoll:
Can you give us a hint on how soon “soon” is?

(0rAngE) #3

That looks pretty awesome man!
Keeping an eye on this thread, looking forward to try it out.

(antoni4040) #4

-PixelPete: Thank you! Although, to be fair, Morpheas, a Blender-Python library, started by Kilon and continued by me, was a really big help, just search for “Morpheas” on Github and you’ll see it, if you’re interested with OpenGL drawing in the viewport. “Soon” basically means I’m waiting for the Blender Market to approve me as a Creator (if they do) and I need to do some minor bug fixes. Shouldn’t too take long.
-OrAngE: Thanks!

(PixelPete) #5

Thanks for the tip (and thanks Kilon!), certainly will look into that library! Will you publish this on gumroad aswell?

(antoni4040) #6

Maybe, I’ll have to look into the advantages and disadvantages…

(Toudou) #7

I’m interesting it! Awesome work!

(josejose) #8

this looks awesome! pretty interested in the release date :smiley:

(Safetyman) #9

Ooooo this looks cool. Bookmarked.

(antoni4040) #10

Created the full tutorial. It’s only a matter of days before release. If I didn’t have some others things I need to do these days it would have been online by tomorrow. Oh well, the more days it takes, the more stable it will be…

(antoni4040) #11

Here the tutorial showing what the add-on can do in detail.

I may release it today or tomorrow…

(wuren) #12

Should we still need to append brushes or this addon can road brushes for us automatic?

(antoni4040) #13

You only need to append the brushes once really, just save them in the startup file along with the categories and then you’ll have them in every project. At least that’s what I prefer to do…

(mkbreuer) #14

I got a deeper look to it and WoW > Bookmarked, too!
Do you allow to change the color of the 3dview pop up menu?
Maybe a darker grey version with lighter tool icons?

(antoni4040) #15

Not yet, but I’ll sure put it in version 1.1, meaning that, when it’s published (that depends on the Blender Market, as I’ve submitted it for review) and more people use it, I’m sure that some bugs will be found and some minor tweaking will be required, so all that will go in version 1.1.

(PixelPete) #16

You might want to take a look into the code of the Brushes IK addon by Issanou Kamardine. That´s kind of what I wanted to create but for multipe brushsets/modules, meaning you would have f.ex. a rock brushes module, could append or clear all the rock brushes and a skin brushes one same thing and so on… What´s really nice about his addon: he automated the appending process (click of a button in the addons toolbar). That would be a neat little timesaver! Also for people who want to make and sell custom brushsets it would be very convenient. (I think manual appending of brushes into a scene and than saving it as a startup file is a turnoff especially if you are using multipe builds/ branches of blender with different layouts for different workflows)

Link in the description of the video:

(antoni4040) #17

Importing and getting rid of brushes (cause giving a blend file with 200 brushes in it is not a great option) is an interesting issue, I might look into it in the future…

(paulhart2) #18

Interested. Like what I see in the UI and implementation. Hope the results of actually working are equally strong.

(antoni4040) #19

FInally, released: https://www.blendermarket.com/products/advanced-brushes

(Dimitris Chloupis) #20

Great work Antoni, keep it up and thanks for the mention. I will be releasing a new version of Morpheas soon , hopefully this time with a lot less stupid bugs and a lot of nice suprises :wink:

You definetly touch a type of workflow I find extremely interesting and this is why I created Morpheas so it makes the creation of this more direct, fluid interfaces much easier to make.