[Addon] Audio to Markers

Over the last couple of days I worked on a new addon that makes working with baked audio data much easier. Also it comes with an interactive tool to place timeline markers which can be used for many things like music animation or video editing.

Here is a first preview:

Github: https://github.com/JacquesLucke/AudioToMarkers

Tell me if you have a question or suggestion.

Btw: I developed this addon (currently around 1100 lines) in Blenders Text Editor as stress test for my Code Autocomplete Addon. Worked out well as you can see in the video. :smiley:

Hope you find it useful,
Jacques Lucke

Amazing stuff.

Very good Jacques but in python for blender add-ons havn’t uppercase in file name.
Better -> audio_to_markers.py or audio2markers.py or io_audio2markers.py or import_audio2markers.py

Thanks a lot for your sharing.
Bye bye.

@Spirou4D: oh, thanks for the info

Ahha! Another Pandora box from you! Now I can’t help to stop tons of ideas popping up out of my mind now… grrr…


  1. It will work well together with ANodes?
  2. “Low” and “High” functions exactly like “Clamp”?

It would be great that the “many things” you mentioned can also benefit subtitle editing, which should have been the basic feature for VSE workflow, but sadly not yet implemented officially.

Keying timings on waveform can be of great advantages, which has been commonly used by softwares like Subtitle Edit and Aegisub, etc. Like this.

Super !

This is so much needed and handy and smart, thx a lot !

@Leon Cheung: of course you can use the script node to write a node that accesses the markers.
Hmmm I think th low and high properties aren’t like a clamp function. I just use them as input for the bake sound operator… Not sure whats going on there in Detail.

You can definitly use the markers for subtitle editing.

@delic: thanks

At first I will have to extend my code autocomplete addon because I have to split this addon into mutiple files and the support for that is quite bad in blenders text editor currently. I have some sort of coevolution going on here :smiley:

That is a great set of features! Congratulations on some cool tools.

wow! you’re a machine:)

thanks Jacques!!!