[Addon] EasyFX - Post-Production Done Directly in the Image Editor


Free Download: http://www.rymdnisse.net/download/blender-addons/easyfx/

This is a add-on for Blender which allows you to do post-production directly from the image editor, and EasyFX will automatically build your composition node tree. Once an image has been rendered you can easily start enabling effects, tweak values and manipulate the image to your liking. The add-on is beginner friendly and easy to use, while advanced users still can access the node tree in the compositor to make manual changes or keep building on the generated node tree.

I will keep working on this add-on, to add more effects and generally improve the add-on. So I’d love to hear feedback on what could be improved and any effects as you would like to see being added!


This is a really good idea! Thank’s!

Fantastic, I look forward to trying this out, thanks for the work!

this looks incredible! thanks so much for sharing, I can’t wait to try it out:)

What an amazing idea, this takes Blender to a whole new level of usability and just as important a massive time saver! I’d love to see the material system use something like this to mix and match properties and then auto-generating unique materials… would this be possible?

@rymdnisse Thanks you so much for this Top-Notch add-on, Guy!
A good gift to this specially day “Tuesday 13”!
Congratulations and Good Luck!

This is really handy, thanks so much for sharing it.

That´s fantastic!! Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Really nice job! And the Video to showcase it is also on a professional level!
You bring Blender to another level of user friendliness :slight_smile:

@comeinandburn Thanks!
Something I’ll definitely think about. I think Greg Zaal has written something similar to that though:

Thanks for all the positive feedback! :slight_smile:
If anyone has had the time to try it out I’ld love to hear some feedback on how the add-on can be improved or effects that can be added.

Hi, thanks for this addon!
What is the proper way to work with your addon if you have world/environment pass enabled (and film: transparent)? I mean, be able to apply a different composition setup to the world.
For example when you have something like this:

Thanks a lot for making your addon free to download. Helps to achieve certain effects faster for sure :slight_smile:

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Tried it and it worked as advertised.

personal wishlist: A version that works directly in the VSE (with adjustment layers perhaps). There are obviously effects that would not be relevant UNLESS one works with scenes in the VSE, then stuff like DOF and Glow could still work as is. Also, a BI version would be awesome.

Really nice, thanks you :).

Wouaw amazing and free addon _ !
I will test it ASAP ! thanks a lot !!

Really usefull.
Usually after pressing the render button, I forget that there is some post processing to do.
This is a big time saver and a reminder for me.

Any instructions in how to add your own presets? I will take a look into it, maybe its not to difficult. Though I never scripted before in python.

I just tried it and it is really a time saver for the most common post-processing tasks; thank you very much!

As the UV image editor has a mask mode, could you define masks for use in your node setup and edit them right there in the UV image editor? This would be handy for isolating areas for color correction etc.

sounds nice
can we use this as a node?

So the addon currently doesn’t support multiple layers/passes, however this is something I’m planning on, to be able to apply different compositions to different layers/masks.
For now I’d suggest doing the composition for the render first, then manually going into the node tree and adding the background + any post-processing you wish to add to the background.