[ADDON] Lumiere - Interactive lighting V0.4

Trying Lumiere again because I have a file with about 20 products in I quickly wanted to do some renders of, but unfortunately I got this:

The only thing I’m doing is:

  1. Click Add Light (and a light + Lumiere text appears)
  2. Click on product to try to re-position the light (orange status bar error appears)

Now, that works fine in an empty default file, but not in my big-huge-complicated file. The only visible difference I can see is that the default position of the light is different, but step 2 works in the default file and not in my file…

Hi @eobet, this can happen if you use multiple scenes in your project. Unfortunatly, Lumiere use collections to keep track of the lights, but I can’t find a way to have a collection with the same name in multiple scene. Is this your case ?

Ahh, I already had a collection named “Lights” and didn’t realize that a collection name must be unique across the entire file (even though it is nested at different levels even).

Thank you again for the quick reply!

EDIT: Wow, just managed a hard Blender crash by using the repositioning tool a bit…