[Addon] Parquet | Floor generator


Parquet is an add-on allowing you to create different sort of hardwood floors.
It is based on the Michel “@varkenvarken

You will be able to create different patterns :

In “Edit Mode”, Parquet will allow you to distribute color and vertex group by phase or randomly, helping in the distribution of the texture on the boards.

See the video for more info (enable the subtitles) :

Thanks a lot to @varkenvarken for his kindness.


Awesome! Can’t wait to use this in my upcoming project. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @clarkx for sharing this new add-on so useful!
I can’t wait to use it too…

clarkx any way we can get the subtitle file .srt that does along with the video? I know I can turn it on on you tube but I would like it for my pesonal doc library

It looks great. Thanksfor sharing clarkx.

Forgot to add the link in the first post, sorry for that…

@SHABA1 - You will find the .srt in the zip file :
Plancher.zip (1.31 KB)

Thanks guys, glad you find it useful !

Sorry in advance for the confusion on my part … but when I follow you link to get the addon this is a screengrab of what I see.
What I am not sure about is how do I actually download the thing? If I select inside the code box, right click, it only allows me to save as a webpage… If you could clarify what I need to do to actually download this onto my computer I would be most appreciative, it looks like a great new addon

Right click link and:


Very nice script!

Really useful! :slight_smile:

Thank a lot

That is what I did except I was using Google Chrome and it looks like JuhaW was using I.E. I then just saved it directly into my 2.72 and 2.70 scripts/addon directory

Opera browser since…before 2000.

That’s awesome!!! Many thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks guys !

Updated :

  • Minors changed :

  • Improve the “switch”

  • Improve the UV

  • Arranged the panel parameters

  • Add a random option for the height of the boards

Excellent!! Thank you for sharing your addon!

Add a “Glue” and a “Borders” options:


Thank you! really useful addon!

looks AWESOME! been struggling with the floors actually :slight_smile:

i can´t run the py. When i instal from file the addon, the blender open a windos it says “one or more files do not have uft-8 encoding (see console for details)” What can i do to run the addon


Sorry Gue, i’ve just tried and it’s working for me…
What i’ve done :
On the Github page, click on the “RAW” button, then from your internet browser : File -> Save as the .py file on your drive.
Try to install the addon from this file.

Hope it help.

dosent load tried everything I know im runnin windows 7. I got it in as py file but blender dosent see it, in scripts window or anything .