[ADDON] sculpt magic tools

small addon for sculpting

Experimental and don’t try on your valuable work.

Need help to clean it

-mask hide
-mask delete
-mask separate
-create armature
-move selected objects to sculpt mode
-move selected objects to object mode

  • parent armature to selected object with mask
  • clean unwanted vertex in inside object
    -grease cut two types(poly and draw mode)

i’m noob in coding and used some reference some other addons
link below



videos for options

i dont know how to add videos to this site.

this works in dynotopo only.

i made this addon during sculpt January and thanks zac.

fill tool


mask delete

move selected objects to sculpt and move selected objects to object mode

split mask and fill holes

REally Cool options that was needed in sculpt workflow. Thanks!

I made armature option but it’s working when I use blender screen capture so I have try other recording software. I’ll try to make video useful watch. This are like what???

Little update and some tool tips added to operators

Thank you for this, I will look at it and see if there is any way I can help

At first: please count the version number wich each update! This protects against a swap!

Just just create incremental file names and I want add features first then I gonna thing about polishing them. I have so many ideas to implement but, I’m not that good at coding yet. And thanks for advice. I’ll use that in my future updates.
I made several changes today to work anywhere in Blender… I’ll post a update tomorrow.

update 0.0.2
fill holes - if mesh have holes in it. this tool will fill them from object mode or sculpt mode.
mask delete - delete the masked area.
separate the mask - separates the masked area.
grease cut - line and free draw type.
decimate - decimates the selected objects with 0.1 ratio.
create armature - this creates armature for masked area. easy to manipulate.
transform tool - just hook modifier for masked area from sculpt mode
clean mesh - removes the uneven Boolean errors.
move to sculpt mode - just move selected objects to sculpt mode.
move to object mode - just move selected objects to object mode.
add lattice to curves - its useful when you create hair with curves. because eaasy lattice wont create lattice for curves.
add selected objects- duplicate the selected object and place them like zbrush style imm.


i get this errors when:

hit create armature https://i.imgur.com/HSnwEg2.png

hit separate mask https://i.imgur.com/V1oLcv1.png

hit transform tool https://i.imgur.com/IN8YcBP.png

I get traceback errors aswell. only tools working are switching to objekt and sculptmode and decimate. All the mask and greasepencil related tools don’t work and give a traceback.

Sorry I forget to mention that you need mask tool nd sculpt tool ui addon to work those features. And I gonna mask them independent from other add ons.

hello :slight_smile:
There is any chance to get this plugin to blender 2.8 ? :slight_smile:

I’ll update once I get back from my holidays


Thank you sooo much :slight_smile: i really miss this mask extract magic :smiley:

Your add-on looks great. I wonder though: the Sculpt Tools add-on is discontinued. Will the functions needing that add-on in Blender 2.8 be removed?