List of addons that work with 2.8

I’ve seen some people making conversion requests, so i’ll try my luck too

I have a pretty personal pet peeve with blender’s internal boolean modifier usage… more often than not something goes wrong when working with dense meshes

There is an add-on that, while slow, is extremely potent making the boolean operations: Cork on Blender

If anyone has free tme and wants to make a 2.8 version of the add-on, i’d be grategul

Added A.N.T.Landscape to built-in plugin list.
More built-in plugins have been updated/improved, like Oscurart Tools, Snap Utilities Line or 3D-Coat Applink.

Added MakePillow to Free list, thx to Blendernation for the news.

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Added; (see first post)

  • Speedsculpt (paid),
  • Meta-Rig for MB-Lab (free),
  • Destructive Extrude (free),
  • Mesh Aligh Plus (free),
  • Goz for Blender 2.8 (free),
  • Bezier Mesh Shaper (paid)

It’s possible I missed some addons. Don’t hesitate to add in in the Wiki.


Warning: In Today’s build some addons are broken (at least: boxcutter, ice-tools and others)
Probably related to the bevel-modifier: AttributeError: ‘BevelModifier’ object has no attribute ‘hnmode’

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I tried out your SmartF, but the results aren’t the best. It fails to find the next logical vert. Here’s a GIF showing SmartF(very start of Gif) Vs Machin3Tools SmartFace(hotkey 4) tool. At the end of the face fill run I hit 3 for Machin3Tools mesh cleanup to flip the faces.

Maybe I’m missing something with SmartF?

Any news about sculpt magic tools or blender sculpt tools?
I’m looking also for UV Align\Distribute to finally move to 2.8

Speedsculpt has been updated :wink:


Not sure if any of these addons used “object.dimesions” any ,but it’s now a “Read Only” setting and your addon will now be broken.

What was as simple as

import bpy

ACT_OBJ = bpy.context.active_object

ACT_OBJ.dimensions[0] = 30

is now this

import bpy


ACT_OBJ = bpy.context.active_object

ACT_OBJ.scale[0] *= X_DIMENSION/ACT_OBJ.dimensions[0]
ACT_OBJ.scale[1] *= Y_DIMENSION/ACT_OBJ.dimensions[1]
ACT_OBJ.scale[2] *= Z_DIMENSION/ACT_OBJ.dimensions[2]
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Shameless plug for my Corner Extrude add-on, which also has a compatible 2.8 version. Corner Extrude

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Not mine, just ported.
But i see what you mean on the GIF, will take a look and ask the original author about it too.

Thanks, I added Corner Extrude in the list under paid addons in the first post.

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Did some fixes and added Notify and Math Mesh to Free addons.

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For now I stick to the build of Januari 2. Still to many addons broke after 3 or 4 januari since there is a new feature in the bevel-modifier it seems.

Anyone have a Jan 2 build that you can offer up somewhere for download?
I’m going to have to start downloading builds daily I guess.

Got one as I stated. I will upload it but that takes a while (slow upload speed here). Let you know once done.

Oh great, thanks, no problem on the wait.
Much appreciated.

I’ve send you a message with a link

I would love to have Vertex Tools.

Update Looks like Edge Flow will accomplish this just as well!

@Albertofx has just updated Dynremesh to 2.0, which is Blender 2.8 ready. It’s a paid add-on.


I’m waiting for blender 2.8 to be released before update, but it will be updated don’t worry!