[Addon] Shapekey Driver to Bone Constraint

Hey there…
If someone of you ever rigged something in blender he came accross the tedious task to constraint shapekey driver to your armature bones. This task could eat up a lot of time.
Thats what this addon is for! Just select the object you have your shapes in, then select the bone you want to drive a certain shape and run the operator. You will set a few properties press enter and its done. Lightning fast :eek:!

Here’s the link. Feel free to share this with other people and give me a thumbs up for that video if you like it!

Take a look at this small demonstration here:


Thank you for sharing this addon.
It is super easy!

Thks ndee for your addon. Very usefull.

@Toudou and Spirou4D
thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve been confused for years why a tool like this doesn’t exist within Blender by default. Nice add!

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Thanks Matt,
yeah… I wondered too… I had this idea for a long time already, and yesterday I thought I will write it :slight_smile:
Luckily it took me not to long.

Btw. I created a github repository for it now. Latest version will always be there:

Very nice addon!

This is great! Super Sache! :yes:

thanks… glad you like it.

Danke. Viel Spass damit

Hey guys, I pushed an update for this addon!
Take a look here:
Release 1.1
new features:

  • automatic value assignment based on the bone transformation
  • create new shapekeys with driver directly from the operator
  • operator is now located in the pose bone tools panel and also in the pose bone specials menu(w)
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Absolutely amazing! Thank you for this ^^

@ harmony90 and Shonosh
thanks for your kind words! :slight_smile:

Thank you! Very useful addon. :wink:

Hi there,
thats a really nice add on, which I was whishing for a long time already.
Besides driving shape keys for faces and such, can it also be used for driving
corrective shape keys? If so, do you have any advice for using it with
the rigify rig? I was trying it, but was not able to archive anything.
In my little test I wanted to drive the corrective key for a knee and
connected the key to a geometry bone.
Best regards,

I used the driver constraint addon to connect the shapekeys to the bones. The shapekeys come from the manuel bastioni lab and the bones from rigify. I’ve used two armatures and I have connected them into one only armature called rig. Now I’m trying to use the addon to constraint the bones because I want that when I use the shapekeys also the bones move. The final goal is to convert the shapekeys library into a pose library faster. The problem is that when I go on a shapekey and I do “copy data path”,the value copied is not good and it can’t be used with the driver contraint addon. It sounds like this : active_shape_key_index ; instead this value should return the name of the shakepey. Anyway,when I use this value the error given is : “bpy_structdriver_add() properly “active_shape_key_index” not animatable”. Instead,If i use the name of the shapekeys,the error is “property has not been found”.

You can watch what happens going here : (also the blender file is there)


hello! it is available for 2.8? I really miss it :roll_eyes:

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hi guys,
i update into blender 2.8 :slight_smile:
DriverConstraintAddon.zip (17.9 KB)


Thanks for the update.

doesnt seem to work anymore

no work blender 2.83 :sob: :cry: