[ADDON] Siding Generator

Here is a mostly complete addon for generating siding. It has 11 different types of siding. For a more detailed write up and pictures you can read this. It can create four different materials of siding: Wood, Vinyl, Tin, and Fiber Cement. There are 5 types of wood, 3 types of vinyl, 2 types of tin, and 1 type of fiber cement. You put a slope on it, cutout rectangles, vary the lenghts (on most types), and adjust many parameters of it. Again, for pictures check out the previous link. Here is the link to the script. Also if you could like to put it in the View3D > Toolbar > Create panel then install this addon.

Manual Link (updated with software)
Download Script (updated with versions)

##Known Problems##

  1. If you use the “From Object” part, and then delete the object and create another piece of siding, it will remember that name and won’t update the list of objects. I am currently looking into a way of making it update everytime.
  2. Certain issues can be cause by the cutout because it uses the boolean tool. Thus when edges are co-linear it can cause come problems. Just adjust the cutout a little to fix that. As I can’t change how the boolean tool works.

UPDATE 0.2: Upon request I added a way to use other objects as a template. There are limitations so make sure to read the manual first for instructions.

UPDATE 0.3: Major bug fixes, should install properly now. Condensed down to one file to avoid some importing issues that were coming up. “From Object” update, you have to now type in the name of the object. I couldn’t get the drop down to update as objects where deleted or added.

UPDATE 0.4: Updates with From Object part, now you can’t use objects with thickness, but you can use planes. It now uses the active object, so no more typing. Check updated manual for some requirements for using it. Download link has been updated.

UPDATE 0.5: ###NEW### Update “From Object” part, cursor position and rotation issues all taken care of. Check manual for the details. Bricks have been added. Location controls have been added. Cycles materials have been added. Bricks come with some presets to create different patterns and bump types. Make sure to read the manual’s warnings, issues, and notes part to learn some of the limitations.

Let me know about any bugs you find, thanks and here are a couple pictures for those who don’t want to read the write up:

wood types

tin types

varied lengths, cutout, and slope


cool could’a used this awhile back.thanks alot

No problem, I could have as well. That’s why I made it!

Hi @Jacob_Morris,

You are an Angel! Your add-on was so expected! A great Thanks for sharing it!

Thanks a lot @Spirou4D

It would be to apply the siding generator to any convex polygon or even to an arbitrary polygon.

I’d also request bricks and logs.


Not quite sure what you mean by the first part. Do you mean you would like to be able to apply it to a pre-existing object? Like a modifier?
I will consider both logs and bricks, logs would be a good bit harder than bricks, but both would be useful to have. So I’ll take a look.

Tried to install in 2.72 and it would not install.

Are you getting an error message? Or is it just not installing at all?

Just not installing.

Ok, I am looking into it, I am having the same problem. It runs fine from the text editor, but doesn’t want to install.

strange me to, got it to install fine on my old vista downstairs a couple days ago , but when i tried to put it on my main computer windows 7 no luck hmmmmm puzzling.

It is very odd, I hope to fix it as soon as I figure out what is going on.

Try thisversion

Try thisversion

This would be great if it worked together seamlessly with Archimesh.

I’ll take a look at what it would take to get that to happen.

Thanks! Just tested it.

I suggest to simplify the object selection and just use an active object for siding.

Is there a reason that the object for siding must be “thick”? Why can’t one use just a polygon with zero thickness?

I like the idea of using the active object, I will do that. The current reason for have thickness to it is the fact that it creates the siding as normal and then uses your object with a Boolean modifier set to “Intersect”, this means that there has to be thickness to it, but I will work on a work around for that.