[Addon] UvSquares v1.9 (updated - 2.80 and multi island support)

Yeah, the active quad has to be a square to get it right, at least from what I tried, the main purpose of this addon is to modify already unwrapped meshes UVs instead of having to reunwrap, the example in original post is one of the possibilities, and it works after unrwapping. Follow Active Quads is faster so better use it on very large parts, but on smaller chunks this can be quicker way to get what you want

Great addon! But it makas only squares.

It doesn’t install with “install from file” for me, on Blender 2.70. I’ll try on the new 2.71.
Anyway, as mifth says, it would be nice if the reshape tryies to respect original poligons proportions. This would be the next step for this really good script! I always been looking for this too. Keep the good work!

Hi @mifth, the idea was to make squares in the first place, if you’d like the original proportions of only part of mesh you can try unwrapping with Follow Active Squads by separately selecting and unwrapping parts you need and then stitching them back with V in UV Editor.

However there is a way to do it with UvSquares with the new feature for line align, check original post for details. I might make it automated in the future but for now it takes row*column times to select and apply (which could still be much faster than separate unwrap).

Also @Lell, I tested with 2.70a and it installed correctly, I tested with the latest version 1.2 as well so please try to download the script again, if the problem persists please open up the console and paste the error, then I can know exactly where it got stuck.

Glad you like the addon!

Big update guys! Check original post for details :slight_smile:

Hi, i get this error message: fake_module: addon missing ‘bl_info’ gives bad performance!: ‘/Users/aenima/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.71/scripts/addons/UvSquares.py’

@Radivarig It works great. Thank you. But i would remove shortcuts. As they can make some issues with other blender tools in future.

Your panel is good enough. Which you already did http://i.imgur.com/6jQdS1L.png

@mifth glad you like it! To remove shortcuts open the script search for “handle keymap” region and delete or comment it. I would recommend changing them by replacing “E” with another key if there is collision.

Another big update! In v1.3.0 new support for grid in respect to shape, vertex rip, many fixes, and new toolbar that has all actions :slight_smile:

Need help, i can not download this file from the adress you give. it say “page not found”

@wuren, fixed the link. Thanks!

It works !Big thanks for sharing this great addon!

v1.4.0 any selection is supported :slight_smile:

Big thanks!

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Apologies for noobishness, but the download link to uv_squares.py at github seems to be html instead of py, and every other link I’m seeing seems to wind back there. Are you guys finding a link to an actual py file, or making it yourselves from the text at the link?

There is a button “Raw”, save it as file

Got it, thanks!

Added new video

Hi! the link from this one web page doesn’t work. It simply couldn’t be downloadwd, http://blenderaddonlist.blogspot.com/2014/06/addon-uv-squares.html
not even SAVE target as…
Any tip?