[Addon] UvSquares v1.9 (updated - 2.80 and multi island support)

@marcus666 now link it’s available.

Link is broken again…


You can download here: https://github.com/Radivarig/UvSquares
I download it few minutes ago and look everything work fine in 2.72

Many thanks to Radivarig. Great job and very useful and save time addon.

@Shubol thanks (:

Hello Radivarig,

Thanks for your valuable add-on. If I may give you a suggestion, having noticed that the add-on is grouped under the Mesh section of the Blender Preferences, and since it has nothing to do with the Mesh modification but with the UV instead, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to fit it into the UV category?

can i use this in version 2.70 ?

This doesn’t seem to install any longer. I’ve tried adding the uv_squares.py as an “install from file” add-on with no luck. Is there any updates? This looks super useful!

@sugar you can try changing line 21 to "blender": (2, 70, 0),

@tommywright did you save the script with ‘raw’?

Ah… how confusing. I was right clicking and saying “save as” and even though it saved a .py, in Notepad++, it showed as an .htm file. I got it now, thanks you!

hmm… the script does not work for me. :frowning:
Line 307 is making problems. SHOwing up a hundred times.
I have BLender 2.76.

How do i save the file as a .raw file?

the add on is not working. Strange.
Ah had to look into Misc. XD

Thanks for this awesome addon.

It’s one of those details, that you can’t do without when you get used to it.

@_MM glad you like it )

Looking cool!
Did bought =)
Yep, if it will have ability to spread at least single selected edge loop to it’s edges proportions, that would be awesome^^

@1D_Inc thanks )
can you provide a visual?

Great addon. Thanks!
Much appreciated.

@0rAngE thanks, glad you like it )

Okay, here is picture.
A) Here is some selected loop between points 1 and 2.
B) Function strights and spreads selected loop between outside points 1 and 2 so selected edges proportions in UV became similar to edges proportions in model.