[Addon] UvSquares v1.9 (updated - 2.80 and multi island support)

Hi guys! My first contribution to this great community :slight_smile:

Uv Squares:
Blender’s UV Editor tool that reshapes UV selection into grid.

(Best place to start is toolbar)


  • Reshape any selected UV faces (quads) to grid of either:

  • equivalent squares

  • or by respect to shape

  • Align sequenced vertices on axis (X or Y axis is determined by slope automatically) :

  • make them equally distanced

  • Rip faces, vertex

  • Join selected vertices to any closest unselected vertices


  • [grid]/[aligning] is alt + [E]

  • Rip faces is alt + [V]

  • Join vertices is shift + alt + [V]

Notes: Aligning to axis
  • All vertices have to be ordered/sequenced by x/y value depending of X/Y axis that they are getting aligned to. Otherwise you will have swapped vertices in the result.
  • What script does here:
  • set pivot to cursor (sets it back after)
  • 2d cursor will snap to closest vertex and the alignment will be made at that verts x/y value, depending on the axis
  • restrict scale to axis (recognize X or Y by the slope)
  • scale to 0 to where the cursor has snapped

Reshaping to grid

  • Works on any UV selection shape of quad faces
  • You can specify active quad by making it the last selected face, if not one face will automatically be taken as reference quad
  • 2d cursor is snapped to closest corner and is determining the direction for calculating the length of start and end of grid as well as length of one unit for square grid

Rip faces

  • Rip/separate any selected faces
  • Rip single vertex

Join vertices

  • Snaps selected vertices to closest non selected
  • For faces, if you want to connect islands back to their original place - use stitch (shortcut: V, while stitching press I to toggle island)



cgcookiemarkets (<- if you’d like to support me: ) also has pictures

Thanks to @gregzaal for hawkeyeing the wrong keymap name!



Very nice looking! Can’t wait to give it a try.

Something that I have been wanting in blender for YEARS. Congrats

very nice! I can see this being super handy in some situations :slight_smile:

Very useful :slight_smile:

When the new features will be implemented will be a great addons!
For now, no offense, “follow active quads” seems to do the same thing …
or am I wrong?

…only to understand :yes:


@DavideDozza Try this to more complicated model.

Thank you all (: I am very glad you’ll have advantage of this addon!

@@DavideDozza, none taken. From your screenshot I believe the result is the same, to get it right the proper active face must be selected.

Follow active Quad work’s very well for me on the two exemples.

thx for your work on the uv’s editor !

For me blender is great, but we need more tools, so if you want make a great addon, don’t hesitate to look at my proposal ^^

  • Align, by active vertice for exemple. The align X or Y is great, but not as an align by active vertice.
  • marionette to deform uv’s ! I use this feature on photoshop and maya for the uv’s, it’s really usefull !

  • Lattice deformer
  • and other ^^

Hey @pitiwazou, I have noticed that I used the wrong active quad face :o when testing Follow Active Quad.
And could you explain more about your first suggestion?

For the align by active vertice, I mean, Sets whether the selected UVs are aligned to the left (minimum U), right (maximum U), bottom (minimum V), or top (maximum V).

In blender, align Y or X move all the selected vertices, sometimes it’s not what we want.

This can be done with line align:
-select sequenced verts
-place 2d cursor near desired vertex
-[alt + E]

pitiwazou: if you place 3d cursor (in 2d :slight_smile: ), where you want them aligned, set pivot to 3d cursor and scale selected to 0 along perpendicular axis you get what you want.

btw, Radivarig, interesting addon, looks very useful

I also do so…


Yes, but a single command will be better ^^

Select all the vertices, choose the command and done !

Hi Radivarig, tested your script and work fine so far.

Cheers, mib

Oh awesome! I’ve been hoping for a tool that deals with hard surfaces better than the current UV tools, this looks like it’ll be very handy. Are you planning on extending this plugin to unwrap hard surface objects while preserving their sharp angles and features by any chance? :3

Hi @Crocadillian, this tool does not unwrap, it works on selection of UV faces of already unwrapped mesh and turns that selection into squared grid

This is amazing! I was seeking for some like that for ages! Thanks! :smiley:

Edit: Thank you for your improvements to an UV tools.
I didn’t know that “Follow Active Quads”>“Even” works in that quad way :o

Strange thing happened to me.
When I used “Follow Active Quads” for the first time it gives me similar strange result (even I’m sure I used “Even” option) seen on your screen too.
Then I just for test tried to reshape active quad in UV editor to square and run unwrap from 3Dview again and I get nice quad net.
And from that time it worked OK.

Anyway from this story I came to thing that … If I change a shape of active face in UVeditor and run Unwrap function again whole net follow this shape from UV editor :slight_smile: