Advanced Boolean Tool (ABT v05)

ABT ( advanced boolean tool v05 ) is a addon for blender that help you working with boolean and hard surface modeling easier and faster you can check the trailer video below

and here are some project that i’ve use the addon to speed up modeling progress

also check my discord group and facebook group for technical support, newest update, upcoming feature or help me to improve it even more
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awesome presentation! Looks awesome.


Looks brilliant, congratulations.

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thank you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thank you. More one great work to Blender.

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Easy to use.:kissing_smiling_eyes:

wow it’s good to hear that :grinning: if there’s any problem or some function that it’s seem hard to use please tell me

hi guys if you guys want tech support or request for new features, report bugs etc… come to this discord group and have a chat. thank you

Great Addon, thanks!
Not sure if it’s useful for visitors here, but I made a video of it, on how I would use the addon.

( As you see I struggled a little bit with harden and soften normals but it seems I got that Eureka moment. Here some notes about that;

Harden Edge is a bit confusing to me. So it seems it works on the Bevel Modifier that is using Weight as limit method. It does the following: bpy.ops.mesh.mark_sharp(), bpy.ops.mesh.mark_seam(clear=False), bpy.ops.transform.edge_bevelweight(value=1). Let me know if you understand it. There is also Soften Edge, Auto Harden and Bevel Weight (Handy: Scroll with the wheel). )

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Yep, that’s about pretty standard for setting up a bevel edge using weight. In edit mode, you’d select an edge, mark sharp, set bevel edge weight in the numeric panel to 1. The mark seam thing is something to be wary of however as you may want to change the way your mesh unwraps and wherever you use this, a seam will be marked, so you’d need to go in and clear seams from areas you don’t want it.

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thank you for your feed back i’ll try to make it easier to understand in the next update

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Oh, no, it’s easy to understand, I am just not that familiar with harden-, soften-, split-, custom- normals etc. This because just bevel and applying a weighted normal modifier was good enough for me (probably lazy here).

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in the most case, where you mark sharp an edge it’s should be mark seam there, and the uv should be split there too so you will have a better result of baking maps. that’s why i think the auto sharp should be

It does the following: bpy.ops.mesh.mark_sharp(), bpy.ops.mesh.mark_seam(clear=False), bpy.ops.transform.edge_bevelweight(value=1). Let me know if you understand it.

and then you can clear the unwanted seams later

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XD yea it’s depend on the usage of the user for many different purpose. also the bevel modifier in blender 2.8 have the harden normal option so you don’t have to apply a weighted normal after bevel cheer

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The harden normal on the bevel modifier and weighted normal modifier can produce different results though, sometimes I find I prefer one solution over the other, with me, it’s trial and error, but maybe someone more skilled could hint at where the different options are preferable.

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hmmmm it’s true. think i would try to create a new function that combine bevel and then weight the normal at once so we could have more solution for more situation

hey is there 2.79 version available?

sorry there’s not. :sweat_smile:

Hello,I’ll would like to know is the re a way to have 2 different bevel without no interfering with other.
For exemple I’ll made a hole with bevel A, I’ll made another hole and I would like to have a bevel B different in size and smooth from A and unique. Is there a way to do that?
For the moment when I’ll do that and use adjust bevel it multiply with the other bevel on ALL the bevel and it’s a mess. Thank by advance for the advice. Anyway thank for this great tool.

Try changing where the bevel modifier is in the stack before/after the boolean modifier and adjusting the limit.