Advanced Glass Shader with Liquid in Eevee

With Blender Eevee it’s hard to achieve a good looking glass shader. Here is my approach with glass of whiskey.

Glass Shader Features:

  • Refraction
  • Fake Dispersion
  • Fake Caustic
  • Fake Absorption
  • Fresnel Reflectance

You can get this Advanced Glass Shader setting on my Gumroad for free.

Animation on YouTube:


New version 2.0 available.

Special Features:

  • Refraction
  • Fake dispersion
  • Fake caustic
  • Fake translucent absorption
  • Complex roughness
  • Fresnel reflectance
  • Extra directional absorption
  • Option of multiple outputs



  • Improved reflectance according to input
  • Separated reflectance roughness
  • Added reflectance micro roughness
  • Improved dispersion according to input
  • Improved fake translucent absorption
  • Absorption influents shadow and caustic
  • Added extra directional absorption
  • Added directional absorption preview output
  • Added option to separate Refraction/Reflection outputs
  • Improved input value sliders of the shader group
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