It’s done and I’m actually happy with it :smiley:

The sphere in the foreground is rendered with cycles and the background with BI. Turned out to work better than I expected.
Software used: Blender, Gimp

Enjoy :slight_smile:

edit: 2k version


No comments yet? gasp

I loved the WIP, though I think your previous title of Skyport is more fitting than Adventure. I love the wide shot you shose, ans the level of detail is amazing. 5/5.

EDIT: Forgot to suggest gallery.

Exquisite piece. Ballsy composition.

Great job. Seamless comp with bi and cycles too.

well, this is quite a piece of work, i’m speachless. Beautiful composition, a masterpiece

I love it so much :slight_smile:

I dream about an image like this, great job!!! *****
The best thing that you used internal + cycles!

Awesome work Zordan, and with a very good taste for composition.
I’m about to test this kind of “mixed” render myself, for Cycles is unpredictable when dealing with alphas (at least in my hands :frowning: ).


this piece of art is amazing. The “quiet” touch (i guess through the colors and the use of space) is the thing i like most.
I have a question, how did you make those wonderful clouds?

Wuao, very nice, I would like to see some kind of tutorial of the process. Really interesting, well done, so inspiring.

I can’t find the wip thread. Could somebody give me a link?

it’s quite amazing…It’s like something out of dream…very touching really:)

Great result

Thanks for the link!

Stunning work! I’m impressed!

Very, very good. Very exciting to look at, as a piece called adventure should be. Is there any chance of a bigger version for desktop use please?


Looks great! But WHAT is it?

Breathtaking, beautiful fantasy. Need higher res, though. Really higher. Gallery!

yeah man, love it.

Looks amazing. I like the modelling and the colours. :slight_smile: