Well a friend of mine was gonna post this topic a while back but he couldn’t be bothered, so I’m wondering how old everyone on this site is; he reckond (ignore spelling) that there’d be about 2 people over 25. Please answer truthfully, this is a vaugly serios post.

Actually there are quite a few of us over 30, and several over 50. You’ld be surprised at how old this community is. :wink:

I think paradox is the geezer here (no offense paradox!!! ;))

I’m the overeactive young guy here.

No, VK, I’m the overactive young guy here. Except I’m worse–I’M YOUNGER.


17 :slight_smile:
The underactive helpfull person

I’m 31 and one of the old farts around here, :wink: .

There are definitley few older people here and I know for sure that there are a couple of them over 50.


I am a 13 year old boy, trapped inside the body of a 34 year old man!!!

HELP!!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Timonides: that explains alot.


someone call the cops

ha ha ha ha just kidding.

have a good one


Going 19 soon.

indeed it does!


But what would you have guessed?



i’cant believe how open everyone is about thier age here. isn’t how old are you one of those quetions you get yelled at for asking

Someone did this poll a few months ago, but I’ll tell my age once more:
and I’m a woman, two stats that most don’t associate with animation geeks.

Kudos for breaking from expectations! I love it.

37 BTW.

indeed it does!


It depends on what you understand from this…

O.k. perhaps, sometimes I do not behave according to my age, if that’s what you mean… :frowning:

But I definetely don’t mean any harm…

Just keep in mind that I love you all guys/ladies around here, if it matters… :wink:

pamtango: I wish I could meet you so you could teach me to dance (but unfortunately, that’s not possible… :frowning: )… :wink:

I don’t know if what you say about your age is true, but I must say if you are, maybe we have a lot of things in common…

Perhaps you’re also a 13 year old girl, trapped inside the body of a grown up woman… :wink:

And that’s nice… :smiley:

Keep your dream alive…


Actually I’ve posted twice in this thread and haven’t stated my age once. hehe

I’m 34 and for those few that still haven’t figured it out I am a woman.

Uhm, 31 (That’s weird, I have to do a little calculation to get my age. The same happend when I was 21, but back then I always could remember my age with Bill Braggs “A New England”)

He’s right, it is weird, I’m 14 by the way. :slight_smile: