Aircraft Engine

My latest project, aircraft engine. I decided to make something complex, just for hardsurface practice.
AO renders with subdv wires of my latest hardsurface project. Hope you like it. I will be posting later Eevee renders with preview videos from Blender.

More screens below:


Amazing work, excellent topo, clean and to the point render. Can’t wait to see what a substance pass would do to it.


Well done, looks great

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grate work you get a vertices count? :rofl:

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Incredible patience to model that. How long did it take?

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@Veezen that’s some amazing work! I’m interested in the answers to the questions asked before. And I want to add my own inquiry: What’s your procedure for the cylinder ribs? Since they don’t have geometry, they get their depth from the material, right? How do you get this 3d look?

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Crazy complex, dude :open_mouth: I can’t imagine what kind of a mind it takes to model something like that

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Hey, Congratulations on finishing such a monumental task - This is PURE PORN to me.It looks like you got it all correct, my hat off to you. I have a half done one sitting in my pc for many years now - it is for my B-36h - also more than half done. I do have a rig for the engine - if your ever interested in a trade :wink: Really nice job though - I’m prob one of the few people who can truly appreciate what it takes to create this monster - getting refs is not too easy either. Just one small correction on your artstation page it’s 4360 - it’s the amount of cubic inches. Fantastic work !!!


A lot! :smiley:

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It took me around 2-3 weeks to finish. I did that after work, so I didn’t worked on that every day. Maybe around 50-60h, just guessing.

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Those cylinders have geometry, but I decided to make renders of wireframe before boolean operation to avoid chaos in presentation. Wireframe was rendered as a second pass (render viewport -> flat viewport > black wireframe > white background) and combined in photoshop as a mask.

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Thanks! I tried to make everything correct, it wasn’t that easy as I thought at the start. A lot of references that I got were a different version of this engine (different production year), or engine was rotated with different details so I had to find common language from all different references that I got and created a model based on that.

That was my reference board:

Thanks for pointing my mistake with engine name, just fixed it now :slight_smile:

I will maybe put this engine on Gumroad for reasonable price :slight_smile:


Excellent work!

Added to project new screen with cylinders after boolean operation :slight_smile:


All you need now is Jet fuel :grin:

I just posted EEVEE renders :> Damn I love that renderer soooo much, EEVEE is so easy to use! I published 2 videos showing around how scene was build. I did some compositing inside Blender for renders.

Thanks everyone for good words :slight_smile: I’m happy that you like it.


sweet damn! I would love to get the work file on this to learn from!

Now, the challenge is to dirty it up with oil leaks, scratches, rust…
Then you just go online and sell it :grin:

But don’t forget the AVGAS!!!
Because you promised us an animation of it ! (with moving parts please ???) :grinning:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thank you, that is so cool :slight_smile: