Alfa Romeo Veloce drifting WIP (Update)

Hi to all.
This is an update of an old project with the same title.
Improved drift physics, improved visuals and better optimization of assets:

And with opponents on a faster track:

Technical stuff:

  • God rays script for adding some outdoor lighting.

  • Vehicle wrapper is used to setup the car only. Movement ( is not really used. Everything is done with python scrips and animations.

*Opponents are not using a pre made curve. They have physics and they are following the “checkpoints” objects around the track.

*You tube is killing the quality…

To be continued.


simply … wow … best driving game i ever saw on BGE … well, even on Linux. Keep it up. !

P.S i really love the interior view with the arms and hands :slight_smile:


I would argue that Speed Racer A Whole New World 2 (WIP) is a better looking game.

But @farhani’s is pretty good looking too . . .

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oops, diplomatic accident. I forgot the game of Fred. Well, they should work together.

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I’ll be looking forward to your progress on your game man keep up the wonderful work!


why it shows 20fps ? It looks 60

EDIT : @RandomPerson please, stop talk so much. Would you like to see your future game thread flooded with :left_speech_bubble: comments ?


Can you really not see the multiple SHADERS that are being played (?)

(real question, not insult)


I know your trying to get me mad.

That’s what children do when their bored.


I agree. My project is focusing on the vehicle’s behaviour on drifting. I owned this car and i am trying to reproduce the driving experience.


keep up the good work buddy i think a good story might lead up your way !!!


Thanks! I am not very good at stories, only on drifting!
Your racing game looks great too but i don’t know what i am doing wrong. I can’t download it and play.

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Thanks. I have spent a lot of time designing and animating the interior. This is the way i used to drive when i had this car …

I have no idea why!

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@farhani is correct.

Why are you saying that the game is downloadable when it’s not (??)

:sunglasses::+1: Not yet available buddy, i’ll premiere the release as soon as ive got a few more racetracks and locations completed.
( @RandomPerson Im saying that it will be downloadable via as soon as the BETA is ready to be played im almost done anyways currently, its just a matter of time before you guys can all start playing)


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