Hello, Community! I can’t draw, but I can sculpt a character in Blender (with ZBrush help), render it in cycles. And paint what I can over it ^v ^)

Blender render


In case if you were wondering who is she, Algea is a Goddes of Sorrow. I wanted to show the part of her that chooses sadness freely. How she is okay with being bound. That’s why she has a key but doesn’t want to use it.

I value your feedback, so let me know what you think about this project!
Do you think it’s cheating to pain over a render or it’s an optimization of time?
Would you prefer to see the goddess of sorrow crying? :thinking:

And thanks for watching! ~(^ w^~)


Anna, you have made a dramatic, impressive portrait. It seems, pictorially, to hint at complex factors that remain a (visual) mystery - until you verbally clue us in to Goddess Algea’s story. The aesthetics of your portrait are beyond reproach, barring some quibbles here or there, about shadow or form details (for me, the oversexy breasts are actually out of character for her - presumably, she didn’t create her own body?). The transition of background light in the sky, from shining below her feet up to the dark empyrean, is particularly effective. Perhaps her elegant, jewelry-like chains might gain force if they retained their high polish, but were more recognizably shaped as simple, heavy links - precious, treasured materials, binding her. She is erotic, fertile, somehow stunned in her evident intelligence, rising to & with a pale fire (no, not Nabokov’s) of spiritual enlightenment, & in conflict about loving to be bound & trapped in (hiding in?) a known captivity - would, instead, real freedom be more terrible for her? No need to make this Goddess cry. That would be mawkish, a sentimental cliché. Goddess Algea, chained to wild cliffs, up against the heavens, & utterly urban, fashionable in glamorous high taste, yet faraway in her metaphysical entrapment. Meaning no slur, seriously, would not this dramatic portrait be a perfect paradigm of the conundrum of modern (post WWII, Simone de Beauvoir) feminism? Use the key to be truly free, independent, & in a sense, alone? Flame me for the question, but today, this is a vital issue for the world, not so? And so, visibly, your artistry here embodies this Goddess’ rare, dramatic contradiction of her defining Sorrow - her fiercely kept Sorrow, her chosen identity - multilayered, condensed, an inner, dark radiance giving birth, in spite of herself, to a magic light. Do more. Paint over, under, around - who gives a damn what you choose to employ in your expert technique? You have given us a splendid, convincing Goddess of Sorrow. Finally (yes, lots of words…), your Concept image has excellent gesture & potential movement, physically & within the narration of Goddess Algea’s story: Is she closer to using her key? Would that be prior to, or at a later phase, of her state of Sorrow in the finished portrait? It might be worth a finished treatment expressing that? Cheers, Anna - great work.


Hi Anna, its a beautiful work, i really like the painting over it. I dont think its cheating, just another way to reach your goal :slight_smile:. Maybe the chains could be a bit more shiny.
I’ve known your work from Artstation for a while and just wanted to say that I think it’s so great that you always do a finished scene.
You are one of the few people who do this and I love it!


Great Work

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First of all, thank you so much for your time! ^v ^ It’s really inspiring to have someone who gets the character story on that level!
She could really benefit from a more humble breast size. Definitely! I missed that and made the “usual” form for me.
I thought about more aesthetic chains too but then decided to go with the contrast. Rough chains/elegant character. But it could be more organic to have nice chains.
I regret a bit that I walked away from my original concept because it does have a different vibe. On the concept, she is still struggling with admitting her own choice of being bound. But character evolved in the process :relieved:
Thank you!

You’re welcome. One could envision your Concept leading to its own finished version; then one where she has used the key (where would she be then?); & perhaps a totally stern, stamped-out struggle, inwardly suppressed, throwing the key far away into some black hole… None of my business to give you homework, of course. Still, can’t blame us for getting wrapped up in your Goddess Algea’s future? :slight_smile:

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@CatIronstone Thank you so much! :white_heart: :white_heart: :white_heart: I think the scene can help with a better understanding of the character ^v ^

@Bright_Eye Thanks! =)

@MDR43Arch It’s definitely more interesting to see the character’s development (through some events). It could be a comic :thinking: I hope I’ll get there qwq

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great week!


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


What’s the reason for sculpting in both blender and zbrush? Why not just choose 1 for the sculpting?

I really love how you smudged it, make it seem like a painting/3D hybrid. Nailed it!

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What a sad description. :cry:

Question: the third image (the concept), you say you can’t draw yet I’m assuming you painted that, correct? I’m betting some people would give their left pinky to not be able to draw like you. :smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That said, I think the concept art “flows” a bit better than the final work; it has that weightless, smoke rising fluidity to it which unfortunately is not reflected in the final. Not to say the final is :face_vomiting: :laughing:. It’s your usual high caliber! It’s just that IMHO it loses some of that ethereal weightlessness.

Last thing: yr feets is always too big! :laughing: It’s my only objective criticism of your (:heart: always wonderful :heart:) creations.

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It’s a good question u asked there i always had that though but no one ever mentioned it so i though i’m the only one in my opinion full ground painting for me is cheating because the reason we’re doing 3d and giving attention to details will never shows in 1 view is 3d artist works and it gives us the ability to get another complet view with 1 camera click if you get what i’m saying but painting the full ground will kill this advantage but painting the background and use it as plane is time saving and adding more shine to the work, here a work i added a background and you cant tell wich one is 3d wich is painted :

for the second point i agree with gtomorrow : ‘I think the concept art “flows” a bit better than the final work’
Have nice day Anna great work.

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and this area looks fake

@bartv Ooooooh ^v^ thanks!

@mxharr Zbrush is a specialized application for sculpting but I prefer Blender when it comes to modeling geometric forms. Each application has an advantage in some contexts. I try to use the best of them in my pipeline to make it easier and faster. And it’s working well for me.

@FinalBarrage Thank you!

@gtomorrow Yes, I’ve painted it. I think I meant that I can not paint on the same level as I can sculpt ohoh I wasn’t trying to demoralize those who have less experience with the painting >_<
Well my hand almost enormously big too ahah Thanks!

@islara14 I would never tell that the bg is painted! Nice integration.
I get that you mean. If your goal is a good looking picture than it’s up to you to combine your skills to make it. Like using 3d and 2d at the same time.
Thank you for the feedback!


Thats a focal area that caught my attention too, but in a good way. It establishes a fade between 3D and painted. The whole chain seems like it gradually transitions from painted, to 3D. So it looks fake from the 3D’s point of view, but intended or not, that adds so much character to the piece as a whole. I love that about it.


I though the chain in painted at the beggining too, but if it was up to me i would add some fog on that area to hide the degradation and light reflect on that rock :slight_smile:

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Those are… some pretty darn big feet! :smiley:

Nice pic though :+1:

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I think your painting is wonderful. This specific example may not detailed like the final image, but who cares?! :laughing: I think you captured a certain sweeping flow and movement with your brushstrokes. You have a talent and not only for sculpting. :clap:

And not for a minute do I think you would demoralize anybody with your talent, less experience or not! :heart:

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Hi there. Im relatively new to blender and, after watching some tutorials, i started making my own work! Of course, it never is perfect and not even close, as i still have a lot to learn, but seeing this beautiful piece of art you made gives me motivation to continue. Congratulations for the great work!

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