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Is there a way to make this window resizeable or more properly expanded?
Sometimes it gets into state where I can’t really read anything/most lf the info is chopped off, unfortunately.

The width of the pop-up window can be changed from the add-on settings.
The problem seems to occur when the width of the display you are using is wide.

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aaaah ok, I can try that.
Yes, I am using a 34" Widescreen for my main display. 3440 x 1440

Edit: Ah, yes, this option definitely helps, thank you!

ver2.6.0 update

Enhanced material list / normal scrolling

Allows normal scrolling in the material list

The simple list menu, which has few functions, has been enhanced, and it is now possible to display detailed filters with a menu that allows normal scrolling.
You can use various functions like the previous material list.
Currently it only supports lists of materials.

Other improvements


  • Added sort type option
    • You can select the type to sort the list from name, number of users, path index, and number of nodes.
  • The display of the filter menu has been changed
    • The search menu is always displayed.
  • Changed the regular expression to one option
    • Disabled by default.
  • Added a view layer to the filter type
    • When using a view layer, you can only display the material of the object displayed in the view layer.
  • Added the node number display
    • Shows the number of nodes the material has in the list.
  • The count display in the panel menu header is now "Number of filter states: Total"
    • Previously it was “Number of active object material slots: total”.

How to revert to the previous material list

You can switch to the old material list by turning off “UI list mode” from the other menus.


  • Removed the list highlight option in add-on settings.
    • The current material list does not use UI list index highlighting.

Does this version supports Blender 2.93 ?

So far I haven’t gotten any problem with 2.93.


Does this version supports Blender 2.93 ?



ver2.7.0 Updated

Change all list to normal UI list

Changed all list(excluding material list) to UIList.

  • Changed to a normal scrollable list (UIList)
    • Light light probe camera action scene
  • Regular expression changed to optional
    • Disabled by default.
  • Object-related list
    • A view layer has been added to [Filter Type].
    • The Sort by Collection option has been deprecated as it cannot be implemented in a UI list.
  • Added Sort Type option
    • Image: Name, number of users, size, file path
    • Scene: Name, number of view layers, number of objects
    • Light: Name, Type, Strength, Diffuse, Specular, Volume, Angle
  • Improved to display the vertical width of the list smaller
    • Don’t make it too wide if the total number of items in the data is small.
    • If there are 4 or more items, the vertical width will increase accordingly.
    • The maximum width is the width of the List Height option (20 by default).
  • Added “Show Number of Objects” option to the scene list
  • Some menus have been changed

I get an error trying to enable it again under Blender 3.0a, while it worked last week. It’s no problem, but just asking for confirmation, that it’s not yet supposed to work with that version, so that I can track what is happening if the problem is not the addon, thanks!

[All Material List ver 2.7.5] Improvements / Bug fixes in Blender 3.0

Create new material


  • Side menu > “All Material List” Panel > Create new material button
  • Popup Menu (Alt + Ctrl + R)

I rewrote the code.
The operators have been split to make the description easier to understand.

New button layout

The new buttons are as follows from the left.

  • Select objects with the same material
  • Create new material (1 material)
  • Create new material (no assignment)
  • Create new material (individual object) Single color
  • Create new material (individual object) Random color
  • Copy of material slot
  • Material removal


  • Added support for grease pencil for parameter display.
    • Grease pencils do not support nodes, so stroke and fill colors are displayed.

Simple display menu for nodes

  • Side menu > “All Material List” Panel > Simple display of node parameters
  • Popup Menu (Alt + Ctrl + R)

I rewrote the code.
The socket display now also supports some shader nodes.
“Color”, “Base Color”, “Density”, “Anisotropy”, “Metallic”, “Roughness”

Simple image assignment function

Added the image allocation function.
You can easily assign images.

  • You can access it from the small white dot icon on the left (small enough to not take up space in the menu).
  • If you have an image texture, you can remove the texture from the colorless dot icon.
    • Note: The mapping node and texture coordinate node remain.
  • You can select the socket to connect from the options.
    • “Base Color”, “Metallic”, “Roughness”, “Normal”

Bug fix

  • Fixed an issue where the menu was not displayed when the image texture was set.
    • The cause was a change in the icon display specifications of Blender 3.0.


In the pop-up menu, the node parameter display is hidden because it takes up too much space.

ver2.7.4 Bug fix

  • Fixed an issue where the menu could not be displayed in the [Show Node Parameters] option of the material list.
  • Fixed an issue where the menu was always displayed in the pop-up menu > main > scene list.
  • Fixed the problem that the layout of the data number display is slightly off.

ver2.7.3 Volume object support

  • Added support for volume objects in material-related functions.
    • (Create new material / Assignment / viewport color, etc.)
  • Note: Volume objects are not duplicated by default with Shift + D. Therefore, no material is assigned to each individual object.

If you ever run out of ideas with texture list, please add rename (the file name) and relocate in new path possible. :slight_smile:


Bug Fixed in Blender3.1

  • Fixed an issue in Blender3.1 where the popup menu was not available due to the popup menu width option.
    When using it with an ultra wide monitor, etc., make appropriate adjustments.
  • Changed to remove the empty text of the category name option in the add-on settings from the side menu of the 3D view.

Hello, is it possible to select many materials at the same time and do a batch replace?

No, this add-on doesn’t do it.
However, there is a function to replace one material assignment with another material assignment.

Yes I’m aware of replacement one material. Would it be possible to add a batch material replacement?

Our company is looking for this solution since we deal with model revisions from the architects where ne née to update the model they send, so having a batch material replace will save us hours of repetitive task.

There are some tools removing duplicate materials in the scene. There is also an addon, where could select and edit each material in a scene, without selection objects first. Quit simple, but not working in 3.0.
But that all would be good to be part of ML. They are all free.

Thanks but I’m not talking about removing duplicated materials, I mean select a bunch of materials at once and replace all selected ones for another material.

Yes. But you need some kind of logik behind it. You can always replace a single material with another. But for bunch you need some kind of rule.

Exactly, that’s why I’m asking to the developer of the addon if it is possible to add it since at the end that task belongs to materials.

I have a working code with a list of materials and one new material that will replace the list, but is in code level, no ui no nothing, if the developer want to check it out I can send it to him.

This can be accomplished by duplicating the add-on replace function command, changing the old_name part, and executing it.
Since this can still be achieved, we do not plan to add the function.

bpy.ops.am_list.mat_replace(old_name="Material", new_name="new_mat", only_selected_objects=False)
bpy.ops.am_list.mat_replace(old_name="Material.001", new_name="new_mat", only_selected_objects=False)
bpy.ops.am_list.mat_replace(old_name="Material.002", new_name="new_mat", only_selected_objects=False)