almost done

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hello guys almost done with this one, have a wip thread but hope to get some more in detail advice



well photoshop is not my friend right now, cant decide what I like best, what direction in the editing is best.

last edit in ps . kind of like this magazine look but not as “real” i guess


nice work how did you do the skin,? did you use a texture

hello and thx :slight_smile: well I have painted them, so its all selfmade

latest update


really wanna push this but dont know what to do more, My feeling of realism isent there

Awesome work. I’m not much of an expert, but I find the eyes too bland. Like they need some gloss or shadow. They are too white and stick out of the render for me. Hope you get more suggestions.


hello JeeMax, ye I do agree with u 100% , as i went down, I came back to brown eyes, since blond hair is impossible for me to get right :smiley:

I mean what color is blond ? :smiley:
I got a wip thread, but here is the latest image anyways, if anybody got any suggestions feel free to add them … : ) happy new year cheers

Her eyeballs seems a bit high in the sockets. Recommend another shot with the pupils looking level to check.

Also I’d render her eyebrows at 150% resolution. Or even 200%. Do that in a separate small render, then composite them together in Gimp or photoshop. Not certain why, but it seems eyebrow particle hairs come out more washed out and vague than hair strands.

Also for blonde hair, you need at least 3 separate hair meshes of different shades.
To be honest shes looking great

My two cents

hello FXR, and thx for the feedback, will defently do that render tip in the final render, here is a low resolution render but im thinking its close to finish

Dude, you;re skin and hair are very good. And she’s got a good face. I have a few questions - What is the lighting in the prior post and this one?

Also how many samples in the prior post versus this one. Cause the prior looks real good, but this one you call low res is excellent as well.

Attached is suggestion from my perspective. Its regarding the eyes.
The left eyeball is likely set too close to the nose. Or the eye is turned inward so that the iris is too close to the nose.

Also the outer corners of the eyes are making to sharp a transition from lower lid to upper lid. In essence they’re elastic and joined into a ring around the eyeball. And the outer corner is set slightly higher than the inner corner. The more arched the eye is, the higher the outer corner tends to be.

This elastic ring is defined by the edge of the lids. And where this ring is stretched over the globe of the eyeball there is a natural curve to that junction. Not a sharp change of direction.

I photchopped some changes to her eyes. I moved the left iris and rounded the outer corners. Not perfect but enough to demonstrate the difference.

Just my two cents.

Also, if I haven’;t said it already. She’s a real cool work. she looks Polish or Ukranian.


hello mate: ) and thx for the feed back, ye ive changed the lighting a little bit since the last post, I stopped using the point lamps, and are using 1 sun lamp in the back, and using a plane with emission on the front and just a slight tint of a hdri…
well the previous was a 3500 render and this last one only 5 , and well denoise is great but the reason i tend to go high is couse the hairs glossy gets better but this is alright for now.

ye im actually doing a render now with slight difference on the corner of the eyes , and ive also redone the iris and eyes, perhaps will go back to the former couse im not sure this is better :smiley:

haha well im only trying to make a photorealistic beuty, and havent really thought about where shes from :smiley: I know I should have used references or well the same reference :smiley: but ive used like 1000 and my gf alot so its a mix :)) ill post the other render shortly

thats amazing that the skin texture is all painted. Its excellent. That really is apparent in post #9. Also yo got beautiful results with the emission panel in your last pic.

thx mate :slight_smile: u know whats even cooler ? im doing it all with my mouse :slight_smile:

moved the irrises alittle as suggested

Wow!! Outstanding. Tremendous advance fromyour first post. Which was already good. Her skin was already great, but her hair also looks good, different mix of colors. very nice. I’m interested to see feedback on this, cause its worth it.

Also her eyes look outstanding. The sheen, depth of color to iris, and whites. What was the magic with that? If you feel so inclined.

hello fxr, well honestly isent the eyes to dark ? , here is the latest and I feel that its better, I honestly just remade the eyes from this tutorial "" and then I tweaked it alitle,

Im just feeling that i have the eyebrowns left and some nose refinments… any more feedback ? :slight_smile: ye and what u think better eyes or worse ? :smiley:

the only difference between this eyes and the previous is the value, value in the iris… :slight_smile: