Alpha Channel

Does the Eewee have object or material ID’s to render out an alpha channel?

Eevee can render an image with a transparent background.
You can render several viewlayers with different inclusions/exclusions of collections to obtain several alpha masks for your objects.

But no. EEVEE does not support Object or Material ID passes.

There is a cryptomatte branch of development. Maybe 2.8 will reuse same system.

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many thanks for your answer.

That’s not so nice, rendering multiple layers cancels the speed advantage and cryptomatte is proprietary.
I need masks for Davinci Resolve.

Since there is apparently also no material overwrite yet, there is no possibility to transfer random colors to all objects.


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No. Cryptomatte is under a permissive BSD license. one of the authors of cryptomatte was enthusiast and skw started a blender branch after last blenderconference.

Anyways, even if cryptomatte does not go inside Blender ; I have no doubt that status of compositing with EEVEE will evolve.

Hi zeauro,

I hadn’t thought about Cryptomatte.
Unfortunately the development is very slow (last version is from Nov 20 2017)
Do you have a link for a Cryptomatte Tutorial?
The only thing I found is this one

Unfortunately, I have no access to it.
(This video contains content from BlenderFoundation, it is not available in your country.)

I agree with you.

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It seems that a youtube bot blocked blender foundation channel.
Only open movies and blender developer channel is available.
And all previous videos from blenderconference are blocked.

But it will probably be solved when origin of blocking would be explained.

But to sum-up stephen talk, he exposed all work that would be done to upgrade Cycles to be productive enough for a feature film production.
Cycles have to be faster with embree integration, support and render faster big textures and have microdisplacement, etc…
So, cryptomatte is one thing among a lot of things to do.
And stephen also made a branch about embree and others about textures.
The fact that branch is not up-to-date does not mean that is abandoned.
He or another developer will probably revive it when 2.8 will be more advanced.

I did not try the branch. I don’t know if somebody had ever done a video showing it.

Hi zeauro,

thank you for your detailed explanation.

I also posted a script request in the hope that a capable coder has a solution.
I’m certainly not the only one for such a script would be very helpful.

Again, many thanks.

Does anyone know if the above are planned additions / technically possible?
Same again for Attributes and Particle Info nodes?
What other Cycles nodes don’t function in Eevee?
What of those are planned to work there eventually?

Would appreciate any links to said plans / discussions.

I don’t know a link that clarifies that.
Last roadmap written about eevee does not dive into detail of each shader node.

What is certain is that job was done for shader nodes.
Unsupported shader nodes (like hair,toon… ) were excluded from add menu.

Obviously, many inputs are not working with EEVEE.
Vertex color is a supported attribute. But I think that no other attribute is supported.
Particle info is not working at all. But Geometry is partially supported (pointiness is not).
Fresnel is working, Wireframe is not.

That is WIP status.
Currently clément is working on a lightcache branch.
There will probably be a clarification at release of 2.80. But actually, they are acting.

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