Alpha Cutter - does this exist?


Let’s say I have a PNG image that looks like this:


Using “Images as Planes”, I add it to my project.

Is there a method to “CUT” the plane using the alpha channel and remove the rest of the plane?

In other words, create new vertices and throw away the original 4 corners? EDIT: Oh, and the inside of the star?


I want to know about this too.

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As far as I know, you will have to convert the image to svd and import that svg as a curve. This curve you can then convert to a mesh, extrude, and use a boolean cutter.

It would be easier to use the extra mesh addon to make a star or just extrude points on the image to build/redraw/trace this…

True… for a simple PNG like a star.

But what if the PNG looks like this:


That’s the reason i said trace it or build it in 3D…
I remember this was asked a few weeks ago… why wanna cut a transparent part of a plane…???

  • Because i wanna have it in 3D.
  • Then use the WHOOSCH button.
  • I can’t find it.
  • It’s right behind the “Do it so.” -command.

(I think i have to have less glogg…)

Oh nooo, it started right ahead … dum dum dum bam bam bam da da da daaa dadadammda dadadah …

Just wondered if such a tool exists… or has been thought of before - but abandoned as a silly idea :upside_down_face:

There are some image to vector converte but more for black white images and outlines giving for example svg output: Here potrace (commandline utility) and you have to tweak… or prefilter … Here is a quick one for you example…:

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Okay this was fast:xmas.blend (442.7 KB)

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WOW !!!

OK… you gonna share how you did it? Please, Please, Please ???

As i said: any image-to-vector-converter/ vectorizer… there are even some online… i ('m on linux and) did it with Didn’t bother about parameter and didn’t thought about color at first. So with a drawing app select the transparent background and paint it black (or white?) , invert selection and paint the other white (or black) and then start any tracer to svg… import into blender…convert to mesh, unwrap UV from above to view… adjust UV scale (some tracer or parameter may fit this automatically correct)…

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This is recurrent.
Here’s how to turn svg into a mesh:

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I’m going to learn about that. I can already think of several scenarios where it could come in handy !

Again Thanks !

The question was not how to import SVG it was how to cut an image plane… to convert into a vector format might be a solution… (and it’s tagged as that).

Yeah, missed the first step

Anyway my glogg cup seems to be empty… (and because this is an unrelated issue :sweat_smile: ) i wish you all a mery christmas (la la lalllalll la lal lalalal a ) :christmas_tree:

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When there is an idea in your head you got to do it when the other family members leave for their homes… Okay i suck at particles (i think i did know more in 2.79??) and there is a red ribbon missing… xmasGift4.blend (958.7 KB)
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Yep. Sometimes you just can’t help it.

And, yes… if you are considering a career in particle animation, I would have a Plan “B”… in case it doesn’t work out for you :rofl: