Alpha Scales

This is a dragon bust inspired by David Revoy’s early concept artwork of Sintel and Scales ( Everything is sculpted, textured and rendered in Blender with the Cycles render engine.
I made it in five intense days with the BlenderGuru Character Concept Contest in mind.
I originally planned to have the full dragon character be my entry, but I had to only make it a bust due to time constraint.
Also, at first I planned to make a Dragonball character for the BG Contest (: Super Saiyan Son Gohan), but failed miserably. :confused:
I originally planned to make hair for it as well, but I’m not that strong in particle hair, so this version has none.

This is also an attempt to find my own style in modeling and texturing, this one focusing on improving my workflow in making textures.
Shoutout to Max Puliero and his videos ( teaching me new methods of using Blender !

Final compositing and adjustments made in Photoshop.


(^ Above image is 1533x2300, which seems to be the maximum for posting on Blender Artists, to see the full size image, click the link in the quote below)

I removed the fresnel rim and

High resolution OpenGL Render:

It consists of:

6 8k textures (2x color, 2x normal, 2x spec, neck and head + all teeth)
3 4k textures (1x color, 1x normal, 1x spec, all back spikes)
3 2k textures (1x color, 1x normal, 1x spec, tongue)
12 1k textures (4x color, 4x normal, 4x spec, chain, bar, skull, nose ring)
one .5k texture (1x color, eyes)

1.009.961 faces


Gorgeous model and I love the painted style of the image!!

Thanks! I’m also really happy with how it turned out!

Excellent! Very original style and presentation, I like it!

When you look at how ugly the Dragon is (texture work is spectacular by the way), we can be quite thankful that something like this was not the final design for Scales.

I do agree with others though, it takes some skill to make a Cycles render that looks like it’s been painted.

I guess that if Scales looked like this in Sintel, it would probably have a very different story, something that fit the personality of this one… Could be interesting to see.
Thanks for the nice words !

Awesome !!! I love the way you blend your 3D model into the background image. Verry well done

i’m a huge fan of non-photo real looks, and this composition is amazing! great look - reminds me of charcoal or pencil work on textured paper. i’d love to know how to do that. cheers!

Awesome! I love this work.

Wow! Hopefully you get top row once the contest is over!

Yeah, I doubt it will go far in the contest, I have some serious competition! And it’s just a bust, so, yeah! :slight_smile:

I would have never thought that the basis of Blender, not pure photoshop or something 2D… It is beautiful!

I love the style of this, it definitely reminds me of a painting. I’m sure you will do well in the contest!


I like your work in this render, great texture/paint , nice esculpt and final retouch like semi-picture is great.
you use texture of 8K u said?, omg !


I really didn’t do much retouching at all, only some z-depth atmospheric color and blur, some glare and a tiny bit color correction to have it blend into the background image :slight_smile:
This is the unedited output image:
If anyone wants, I can probably do a high resolution render to show off the 8k textures, but then you guys will be able to see all the screw ups I made :wink:

Epic work, man. Texturing is truly awesome. My only problem is that there are little white lines around the eye and stuff, where, with normal ambient occlusion, there should be dark lines.

Texturing is beyond words. 5 stars from me.

yeah, this is kind of the me finding my own style thing, I find that the white fresnel makes the model look more “sharp” or “crisp”, and I have debated a lot with myself if I wanted it on this model, since it looks kind of odd, I know… I decided to keep them though, gives that little stylistic feel… I dunno :stuck_out_tongue:
It definitely looks best in small thumbnail images, I’ll probably remove it if I do a high resolution render :slight_smile:
Thanks guys for the nice words!

Awesome job! Now you just need to add some of that fur like in the original concept image :stuck_out_tongue:

welldone :slight_smile: