Alpha Trees - Render massive forests, fast

I have another request/suggestion.
I’ve used the Blender “copy modifier” command to assign the same trees to another base mesh.
The problem is that, if I select this new base mesh, I don’t have any AlphaTrees settings for tweaking.
The geom nodes are correctly copied and rendered, but with any addon control.

Do you think it’s possible to create a transfer tool or some copy/paste actions?
Thanks in advance

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Hmm, yeah, that could be a good idea.

You can already do this relatively easily by going to the other object you want the trees on and adding the same number of biomes to it. Then you can just select the same biome settings from the dropdown for each of them. After that, all the changes will affect both objects.

The more I think about it actually, that’s a pretty good idea, but I think it’ll have to be for the next release, I’ll add it to the to-do list!


Thank you for your suggestion and for your interest on mine.

I’d like to share with you my personal work where I’ve tested your super useful tool.

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Oh, wow, that looks amazing!
I’m really glad the addon was useful for it!

Thank you.

I haven’t tried yet with no ACES colormanagement but I’ve seen a strong contrast between outer part of the tree and the inner one.
Probably ACES colormanagent were involved on this, but I think that it could be good to have an easy control for tuning the dark part of the tree without going inside the tree material in the shader editor.
What do you think?

I suggest to add also a slider to tune the specular for the leaves.

Hmm, I think that’s probably because the light is coming from behind and the translucency is making the outer areas much brighter. You could try changing the “translucency strength” slider at the top of the material controls. I could probably add another slider to control the distribution of the translucency, though.

Specular for the leaves is difficult, as reflections don’t really work with this technique:

On the left is the tree with no specular, and the right is a specular of 1. Unfortunately, all it really does is make it less saturated and adds odd patterns to the surface.

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Just to be more clear about the specular, I’ve suggested to expose a specular slider just to leave to the user the choice.
In my opinion and tests, no specular or a very low value is better than the default, at the least in the few trees I’ve used, but someone could want an high specular level ( I really can’t imagine a good reason but never say never :slight_smile: )

Anyway this is just a minor thing


Hmm, maybe you’re right, I assumed that the current value in all cases, but I guess maybe not. I’ll add that for the final release.

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Ok, everything is frustratingly close to being finished, just a couple final things to get done before launch!

I’ve also finished working on a trailer for the addon:

I’m not the most confidant at video editing, so it would be great to get some feedback on it!

I’m also in the process of finishing the documentation for the addon, which you can find here:


ah, the boring part :sob: Good luck
and happy release, trees are looking good btw! :slight_smile:


Thanks, it’s been a journey!


works for me ,
2 points once,
I would have expected a boom/more bombastic :drum: from the audio on the first Alphatree title:

and the other is the font, too large!“if I may say so”
especially here:

Otherwise, but everything is in it!
Looks great and much success.

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Thanks for the feedback, that’s useful to hear! I agree about the music, I’ll have a look at that.
The only thing about the text size is that it’s most likely to be viewed in a smaller box on the product page rather than full screen. But you’re probably right about it on the part you showed.

yes I had looked at it on a monitor,
probably it is better on a mobile. :+1:

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The documentation is finally done!

That was the last thing that I really needed to get finished, so with that I can say that Alpha Trees will release in two days on Saturday the 15th!

I can’t wait to properly release it to people!



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the manual is really cool.

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Thanks, it was very much inspired by @BD3D’s scatter manual, which is amazing.

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small problem?!
it works despite error message, except that you can no longer see the selected trees,

is a saved scene that was opened again.

Ah, that happens when you change the library folder in the preferences, and the addon can’t find the previews to show…
Did you change the library folder?