Amazing new feature! 'Q' is no longer Quit! It's now Ctrl-Q! w00t!

That’s right. The features keep on coming!

Merry… er… Happy… er… hey look! The days are starting to get longer again!

(Mods please indulge me my silliness – this is News, right?)

Every little helps :slight_smile:

lol that key pisses me off sometimes when i acsidently click it and hit enter lol

SO! this is the reason why i havent been able to close my blender, i have 50 of them open, and they are hogging all my resources, and my neighbour’s resources.

thanks a lot.

edit: now i accidently keep hitting ctrl-q all the time, and i loose work like mad.
thanks again.


I am so screwed. :eek:

Yay! no more killing my self when trying use the “W” menu :mad:

Well, well! After all the bitching and moaning on Alltaken’s mouse gesture thread, it seems someone is listening to the hoi poloi after all. :smiley: Thanks, harkyman. You da man.

Better bitching and moaning on my thread than annoying the devs with it :stuck_out_tongue:

But great news guys, thats a good feature.


you know whats funny? i bitched a lot about the x key for delete and today i love it so much. x for delete makes so much sense because it is faster to access than the delete key for right mouse users.

Actually, I didn’t read a word of the BlendErgo thread. :o

What happened was that during the Sunday Meeting a certain person showed up and, mid-meeting, started griping off-topic to Ton about how Blender doesn’t have a “Do you want to save your work?” prompt on exit. Ton responded that the issue was long-dealt with and not open for further discussion. The eager commenter persisted.

I stated that the real problem wasn’t the lack of a “save” nag, but was that it is way too easy to accidentally trigger a quit command because it was an unmodified hotkey (q), and that the OK? prompt that followed was basically useless because most people click through them by reflex. I suggested that a simple level of obfuscation of the quit command would be helpful. Ton said: “I’m okay with Ctrl-Q”. And that was that.

i liked q key, but ive already lost work with it, nothing so significative.

If it’s going to be changed, then I’d suggest either ALT-Q or CTR-ALT-Q. I use CTR-W all the time to save and often hit Q instead, now CTR-Q will make it even worse :smiley: I don’t think it’s a great idea having the “save hotkey” right beside the “quit” hotkey :eek: (ya, there’s quit.blend, which is not very wel documented… a brief popup “file written to <save path>/quit.blend” would be nice too for that).

Btw, I just pressed SH-W for probably the first time, and entered the “warp zone”, whatever that is :eek: (goes to wiki manual to look it up :slight_smile: )


that user input is not thoughtfully considered in the dev get togethers. You’re right, of course, harkyman, about the real problem, and I suppose Ton is entitled to his dislike for the Microsoft style “Are you sure?” “Are you really sure?” “Please confirm your sureness” prompts designed to protect the clueless. But to have the issue “off the table” for so many development cycles until an “eager commenter” interrupts the dev session with a long standing complaint… well, as I said to Zarf in alltaken’s thread, when developers stop listening, the software dies. I hope somebody is reading the BlendErgo threads, and the Off-topic chats and bringing some sense of what the general artist/non programmer user feels about the interface and workflow associated with the programming.

Grrr… no change! I hate having to re-learn my blender reflexes.
Now, I’m still going to press q, but instead of quitting, it’ll do what… delete all objects in scene? Make everything purple?

Personally, I’d rather see hotkeys removed for quitting altogether. If you really want to quit with a key, you could use your platform of choices default “always-kill” like alt-f4 on windows and command-q on Mac. Pick quit from the menu when you’re all done working.

That said, plain old ‘q’ was a problem, and I took the opportunity to get rid of it.

Orinoco, one of the great things about Blender development is that a number of the devs, myself included (although I’m by no means a major dev), are artists and users too. One of things that Ton does as often as he can is to sit down with people actually using the software, seeing how they work, quizzing them about how they would like to work ideally, then translating that into features and code that fit and sometimes extend the overall philosophy.

For instance, I wrote a lengthy doc on character animation features a couple of years ago, showing mockups and detailed specs about features and workflows, along with explanations of why what I was suggesting was needed and how everyone would benefit. Ton told me that he actually used that proposal a great deal when he was forming his thoughts about character animation enhancements. Then, in conjunction with the Orange team who were actually producing animation in a production environment, he wrote the stuff and got it to where it is today.

Do the devs read forum postings and things like that? I’m not sure. I wouldn’t count on it. But, do they pay attention to how the software is used and where it is lacking? Absolutely.

Lol… I rolled on the floor laughing after hearing the make everything purple part. I actually think this is a good thing- q got in my way very frequently, though I never really lost any work because of it (I read the popup before pressing enter)

What a relief. “Q” for “quit” has caused me some serious rage in the past. IMO a good rule of thumb for program design is “this needs to be perfectly useable at 3:00 a.m. after a 15 hr work day.”


you comment about removing the hot-key is good. i think you have a good point

using the quit command from the menu is in my point very safe.

q could than be used for another tool.

Personally, so would I. I know many developers have a fetish for reducing the number of keystrokes it takes to perform some function, and in general this is a good thing since it speeds up use of the software. However, starting and ending the program are two functions where an extra keystroke or two will have little discernable effect on productivity.

I guess my comment on thoughtfull consideration has to do more with the type of thing Mike_S brought up: that Ctrl+Q could be a problem, too. Now, you could be very sneaky and change that LR_CTRL to just R_CTRL, and, except for some power users who know the code, satisfy both your preference and Ton’s as well. :wink:

Do the devs read forum postings and things like that? I’m not sure. I wouldn’t count on it. But, do they pay attention to how the software is used and where it is lacking? Absolutely.
This is the point. Ton is very much in contact with the true hardcore Blender users, because projects like Plumiferos and Elephants Dream are where those users are to be found, not in long bitch threads on blenderartists. There’s no danger whatsoever of Blender dying just because common complaints about this or that hotkey not being the same as it is in MSWord go ignored. Dev energy needs to go where it’s most needed.

On topic, my very slight worry is the same as Mike_S’s… I’ve actually never accidentally closed using ‘q’ to my knowledge… but I do use Ctrl-W a lot. But there’s always the quitfile, so this is not a major issue (for the same reason the prompt is not a major issue).

Speaking of “x” for delete… I often use “x” for delete in Microsoft Word now… Unfortunately then I always have to go back and delete that pesky little “x” that appears. I think it’s a bug…