Well, that was probably going too far. The spit part was on impulse. Idiots getting under my skin. I flamed. Not good. That’s my cue to stay off this site for awhile. Have fun everyone. Have a great holiday if you have one.

Are you basking in all this attention, Smerity? Good for you. What an arteest you are.

LarryPhilips, it is obvious you can’t see beyond the end of your own nose. You label everyone who disagrees with you as idiots and “spit on them”.

The stupidity of some of the posts in this thread is astounding. A person posts a piece of work that has a political statement that some shortsighted users took personally -who then tries to explain the "true" meaning behind it and say he didn't mean to offend anyone. People posting their personal opinions then being astounded when everyone does not agree with thier own twisted ego/natio/centric view of the world. People saying the posters that who defend the artists right to post the image for artistic critque are stupid and should look to America's past achievements rather than thier rather questionable current forgien policy. People saying the art work is crappy work -obviously because they DISagree with the message. 

You see Larry this may be difficult for you but when you get two people you get two view points.

Take the shock value away from this piece and what do you have left? Garbage.
A lot of “art” is questionable. In my opinion for something to be “art” it has to have something more than just technical brilliance*. Art has to invoke some kind of emotional response. If you take the emotional response away from any work of art you will get garbage.

The “Bodies” thing with the real former humans was art but the ethics / morals of using real people is questionable. I don’t know if I agreed with the work but it was interesting none-the less, partly no doubt because a part of me disagreed with it.

Personally I get little or no emotional response from most “moden art” and so I am generally uninterested in it.

If this this type of art hits your buttons then it worked, as cliched at that is.

Want to do something about it? Rather than attack the artist beacuse they disagree with you why not create your own art that invokes your feelings towards your country (or Australia if you are feeling petty) to share.

Finally, remember, Australia lined up with the US as part of the “Coalition of the Willing.” Australias decision was partly influenced by the promise of Free Trade Agreements with the US if the signed on.

Just as in the US and the UK there are a lot (and a growing number) of people who disagree with the actions. Unfortunately as the whole thing was a US driven initiaive a lot of people are angry not just at thier own government for joining in but also with the US for leading it and convincing (some would arguable say with outright misinformation) others to join in.

Also being the last of the old superpowers means when the US makes decisions it does affect everyone, the US can literally destroy the world or feed it, for better or worse so people all over the world have an opinion on the US, some agree with the US, some don’t, and that is the liberal “freedom of expression” that the US has been successfully spreading.

*Yes the photo realistic images people can make with Blender are still incredible but for differnt reasons than “art”

I think this calls for a song.

I’m proud to be an American
For at least I know I’m free
Let’s not forget…the men who died
Who gave that right to me.

Yes you can easily call our country America the desecrated these days.:frowning:

As the artist already appologized, how about everyone just drops the topic, this thread is a millimeter from closing.
Everybody is just writing out posts solely to offend, or defend, and its just an endless circle.
Drop it

This… This is just wrong. You don’t have the right to desecrate the flag like this. If you were an American and had any idea of what you were talking about on this topic, I might have been a little more understanding… This doesn’t even look like Blender work. More like trashy photoshop work. I sincerely hope I never see you in these forums again.

I think this thread should close. After all, this forum is for Blender work. I would like to see some proof that this was done in Blender and not some poorly executed Photoshop or GIMP session.

Please show us some wireframes, Smerity.

That would go a long way towards refocusing the thread on the “art”. It would certainly be far more effective and reasonable than simply asking people to dismiss their own opinions.

Otherwise, this really should be considered spam (or a purposeful attempt to flame) and the truly professional thing to do would be to remove it. (Maybe my expectations are a bit too high.)

well, don’t we all feel better we got that out of our systems =)

i really feel that smerty didnt mean for this to go as far as it did, and i accpect his apology, and i’m actually fine with everything but the flag, its going a bit too far in my opinon.

anger is good, and rage is good, but misdirected anger and rage is not good.

i think that this thread should be locked, the blender artists forum rules already say this kind of thing is not accpeted? and i’m already confused why the thread has not been closed sooner?

if defacing the american flag is not politics or political expression then i dont know what is, i’m really suprised that this thread has stayed open this long and that no moderators have taken any action or posted anything.

its not like me to be serious, and god knows i have had many many threads locked up because i acted like a pair of numb-nuts, but covering the american flag in shit and blacking out the stars isnt cool,

art or no art, this is pretty stong stuff, if smerty is sorry then fine, i accpet it, but the thread has stayed open long enough…

thread locked