Amiga 500 nostalgia

Hi guys!

There is a time in men’s life when he wants to return to his younger years. So here I am!

Amiga was my biggest love, so I want to create a scene that could encapsulate this memory:)

Starting from the monitor, the most iconic joystick and now working on Amiga itself.
Maybe there is someone out there who would appreciate it and give some feedback:)

The monitor and joystick are almost done; they need a few tweaks here and there. Amiga is a fresh WIP.
What do you think? :slight_smile:

---- update 29/08/2022

— update —

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Awesome ! It misses the AC unit doesn’t it ? and the border of the Amiga are a bit too sharp, it’s a smooth computer !


Yes, it is! I’m leaving bevels for last step, when I have all the forms and final topology:)

AC unit - I completely forgot about it, good point:) I will make it, too:) thanks!:slight_smile:

Making me all nostalgic! Nice work.

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Like it!.

At one time, I had a mini render farm consisting of an Amiga 500 (my first Amiga), and an Amiga 4000. Both with Multisync monitors.

Started with TurboSilver and then used Aladdin4D, Real3D, and Lightwave on the Amiga. Work bought an A4000 with a video toaster, a Hi8 camera, and a frame accurate dual deck for me to make training videos with. Had a blast.

Your project brings back lot’s of fond memories. I have stories about doing demos at local shows with my A4000 and blowing people away when they found out I had an Amiga, and not a SG workstation behind the podium.

I got out of doing 3D after the Amiga was discontinued, still did hobby video editing on the PC though. Got bit by the 3D bug again recently and downloaded Blender. Was blown away by the tools now available.

Sure looking forward to seeing your project develop. Going to add the external HD case? I had one with a, drum roll . . . monstrous 10MB hard drive. :laughing:

Those were fun times. Keep it up. I’m sure there are more of us that will get a kick out of this project.


Ah that’s a nice blast from the past! I agree, the edges of the Amiga are a bit too sharp. I’d also love to see the mouse :slight_smile:

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Oh man, this is some next level amiga experience! At that time I was playing with Deluxe Paint 2 and Fantavision. My 1MB Amiga would not handle much more I think:)

Do you still have that work somewhere? Wish I didn’t care to preserve mine back than.

Also, thanks for a suggestion. I never had an external drive, but it looks so cool.
I might add it to the AC, and a mouse Bart mentioned:)

And don’t forget your external floppy drive!

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Oh I forgot: @Metin_Seven might like this too :slight_smile:



Isn’t it something you post in every Amiga thread?!:laughing:

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Nice! I love the Amiga, I just bought the A500 mini and having a blast from the past.
As others has suggested, the edges should have a bigger radius and you should add the tank mouse and an external floppydrive. :grinning:


Hah, as I mentioned, I have left beveling the big shapes for later, just to make sure I have all other elements in place:) This way, I don’t have to worry about moving dense bevels around:)

Don’t worry, btw, she is here with me, and I measure every millimeter of her;)

Today I was chilling by the backports while listening to Amiga Music: Jogeir Liljedahl Compilation #1 and Turrican 2 soundtrack :wink:

Many of those elements won’t even be visible, but I’m a bit OCD in this regard.

BTW, what’s with that external floppy?
That sounds like something Amiga 1200 owners would have, but Amiga 500? Was it something you had to copy discs? To NOT swap discs while playing? I was happy I had additional 500 kB of RAM, never thought about other things :slight_smile:


Exactly that!


It’s nice, I kinda wish I never sold my Amiga 500 back in the mid-90’s. Are you going to add the embossed Amiga logo?


I had sold mine too, this one is something I bought 2 years ago.

And yes, Amiga logo is a must! As you might notice I try to implement all the 1 mm details, so…:wink:

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More or less gave my A500+ away to a friend, after it had been a faithful and much loved servant for many years (including seeing me through University). Very much regret it. Great computer, shame it went wrong for Commodore (sob).
Was made all the better that my parents bought it me for Christmas and it was a complete surprise. A treasured memory too :smiling_face_with_tear:

Great project so far. Keep up the good work :+1:


Amigas often suffered from corrupt disc boot sectors. Caused by people taking out the disc before it finished writing, my first TV job was popping into the studio to ‘rescue’ the artist who was using D-paint to do live graphics with.

I often carried a disc box and a bunch of tools like x-copy.

Later I took that artists job, bought myself an Amiga 3000/30 (fpu!) and a very nice broadcast gfx card that cost as much as the Amiga, Imagine was my first serious look at 3d as it ran on the Amiga really quite well… and I didnt have to stay up all night to get on some Spaceward tech I had access to…

Later on we got a 3dstudio suite and 3 or 4 machines that ran Softimage…great times, great looking plastic vented boxes of fun…and frustration.


Amiga 500 (and 1200) are on my list of things to to. Did a C64 which was featured here

Keep up the good work


@AlphaChannel man, you had some great adventures with Amiga, I see! What year was it?

@JohnMalcolm1970 this looks gorgeous! Maybe we should join forces and create one ultimate nostalgia scene with all the computers?! :wink: