An Autodesk partner website apparently made an article comparing Maya to Blender

Ton posted this earlier today. Here’s a direct link to the article.

Personally, I find some of the comparisons… Odd, to say the least. I have never heard of anyone who actually sculpts in Maya or even considers it a worthy option to ZBrush, or Blender for that matter. The part about Maya having symmetrical modelling made me go “???”. It’s odd how the article mentions MultiRes after ignoring the Mirror modifier earlier.

Then there’s no actual mention of the UV mapping tools in Maya, which are actually pretty good, especially when compared to baseline Blender. It’s like the writer only took a quick glance at Blender yet still forgot some of the big differences that make Maya a better option in some cases. Not even a mention of integrated 2D tools like Greasepencil or Eevee either. :confused:


I saw that floating around earlier today too. It doesn’t seem to be written by someone with very deep knowledge of either program. But, the fact that someone felt the need to write it shows Blender is becoming more competitive.

“Blender’s sculpting toolset is slightly more limited than Maya’s.”
I’ve tried sculpting in Maya. Unless Maya suddenly improved their sculpting tools, this is so far off the mark.
The article feels like it was written by someone in PR who just opened both softwares and tried to quickly tinker around. Maya has its strengths, but the article really failed to sell those.


From the article:

Blender’s sculpting toolset is slightly more limited than Maya’s.

Nope, its the other way around.

Maya’s “sculpting tools” are for creating morph poses for animations. Not much else. I’ve never seen anybody using it for actual sculpting.

This is clearly written by someone who doesn’t know what’s going on:

(talking about Maya) ‘The sculpting toolset includes an option for blending shapes, which lets you create organic-looking models.’

‘blending shapes’ is actually Maya’s blend shapes(morph targets in Max/Shape Keys in Blender) This person just read an overview of both programs somewhere, got confused, and has probably never used a 3D program.

Maya sculpting is on the same level as Max…non-existent. It acquired Mudbox’s brush engine, but doesn’t have the means to utilise it beyond the most rudimentary of mesh tweaking and was implemented purely for creating blend shapes and corrective morphs.

At first I thought this was some Indian scam site, but all purchase options actually lead to Adesk official site. Not cloned scams, but the actual Adesk site.


You should see the glowing reviews of all of the Autodesk products on (by R Kelly), you will eventually find she was an Autodesk employee at the time :upside_down_face:

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Han Solo said: “Must have hit pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up like that.” :smile:
Blender must be doing something right to get folks to start putting out articles like this.


My thoughts exactly. Only someone who has something to fear feels the need to publish such a comparison. :slightly_smiling_face:

Adesk marketing is an absolute corporate joke. It’s no surprise that they spend twice the amount on ‘suit and tie’ marketing than they do on R&D…

Just look at their website, it’s all ‘gender equality’ and ‘diversity quotas’ in the pictures. Equality of outcome Vs equality of opportunity is a recipe for 100% failure over a meritocracy. When a company is more obsessed with virtue signaling than caring for their customers or creating a superior product then that company is a joke.


Shut the front door!! Maya has symmetry modelling now? I’m so switching back!

Also, this was kinda funny:

Blender isn’t as extensible as Maya. However, there are various add-ons you can use to improve your experience.

I know this specifically regards scripting, but come on. Really? LOL

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They sure give the impression that they are full on board with that program. But a look at their numbers implies they are miles away from the target.

The question is, do they work hard to fix that problem or are they hardly working on it (and merely pretending to be stupid).

…then failure is imminent.
For an demonstration of that kind of commercial failure i would recommend to take a look at the Dark Fate of the latest Terminator movie. :grinning:


Haha! Not just that. Watchmen TV series, Batwoman, recent Terminator films, Star Trek, all the Disney Star Wars… the ‘church of woke’ are hell-bent on destroying everything we hold dear.

Nice pie charts. I didn’t think they’d be available. You can bet your life that 95% of the tech staff are men, and 95% of the HR/other non-jobs staff are women. :laughing:


I fully agree, but let’s try to keep the discussion on the article in question. :partying_face:


Sorry, mate, you’re right. Couldn’t resist calling out the SJW BS. It’s everywhere these days. :speak_no_evil::laughing:


I know the feeling. At least it seems like many of those SJW projects are bombing hard like Terminator and Batwoman. ^-^


Haha, stop the presses! :smile:

Yeah, the add-ons made for Blender are pretty darn good. We even have ZRemesher now! :partying_face:



That is the take-away I think.

I never put a lot of credence in these comparison articles and videos, because to be honest, they are rarely done right.

Blender is getting attention. Some vested interests are getting nervous. Good.

Better believe it. I happen to know for a FACT that some Max devs actually have Blender installed and are actively studying it. :laughing:


I didn’t know Jeff Bell was originally a Maya dev. Pretty funny response, though.


So they are basically saying they have given up on the hobbyist market ?

We should add Autodesk to the development fund as a “priceless marketing sponsor”