Analdin's WIPs [Currently: First Character]

Hello everyone,
my semester holidays have begun, and so I have a lot of time to spend on Blender; in this thread I’ll be posting screenshots, wires, videos, etc of my WIP models before I move them to the “Finished” section.

What I’m working on right now:

As always, feedback is greatly apprechiated.


It looks very clean and cool! White color highlights the clean look. Car design is your own?

It’s based on several versions of the Honda NSX, most notably the JGTC and the GT500 ones.

Ok! The “racer look” got me fooled.

I added the brakes and the suspensions today.

I haven’t got many polys left, so I had to cut a lot of details, that’s also why the parts don’t have any back faces.

Damn! i was having in plans of doing this car in R spec for track. and update it to the new GT3 class but i was thinking that i will go more crazy and i took ferrari testarossa and i have basicly model the wheels and main body now the problem is that the car is pretty damn high and i have to make quite a lot of new body not just spliters and diffuz… sooo keep watching on your project ^^ maybe later we will do some collaboration render :> The cars are a bit from the same time i think if i remember correct so pretty cool to see it.

Sure we can do a render together, but I’m not sure if a 25k tris mesh can hold up to a subdivided, highres mesh like the one your Ferrari has. :slight_smile:

Side mirrors.

//edit: I just saw that I hadn’t posted the “inside mirror”'s progress either, so that’s new aswell.

Started working on the engine, this is how it looks so far:

For a better view, here’s the engine with a clay material:

The two stripes on both sides of the engine bay will get alpha masked wire bundle textures later on.

After cutting out lots of polys, the polycount is now at about 20700 tris.

I have begun working on the textures, the engine was first.
Coloring is finished, now I need to find proper textures to “spice up” the plain colors, the texture looks too clean as of now.

//edit: company names and logos are all made up.

Coloring of the front’s underlying structure is done (Diffuse only).

Took a few minutes off from texturing to play around with the viewport rendering, this is what I got.

(I had to insert the background sky in GIMP, since apparently, Blender doesn’t render gradient backgrounds with Opengl - although that gradient showed up just fine in the viewport. The “Paze” logo is postprocessing, too.)

I like it. Is this meant to be a game model? Anyways, it looks good and I like the detail that you are putting into it, while still keeping it lowpoly.

Yes, it’s meant to be a game model, that’s also the reason why I only show viewport shots. :slight_smile:

These are all viewport shots. Impressive.

Technically, I’m using “OpenGL Render Image”, but as far as I know, it just renders the viewport in any size you want.

Coloring is now almost done, here’s the colored interior:

Lights diffuse is almost there and gloss maps are done.

I’m pretty satisfied with the colors and I’m gonna start adding textures soon. Any thoughts? Did I miss something or does something look odd?

Suspensions are finished, and I added a bit more detailing to the front lights.

Finished the textures. Each shader now has three textures, one diffuse, one specular, and one reflection intensity texture. Here’s a turntable (as always, rendered with OpenGL):

//edit: I have no idea how to get rid of the stuttering. I’m rendering with 60FPS, the format is h.264 avi. Does anyone know how to fix that?

//edit no. 2: Some data:

Textures used: 8;

2x 2048², 2x 1024², 2x 256², 2x 64²

Materials used: 5;

Polycount: 20527 tris. With rims and tires, this will clock in at around 25k tris, as desired.