Anatomy study

Hi all!!
C&C and resources links are welcome HAHA
here i would start with a skull and move on for the complete skeleton
here my artstation and my cgsociety :
i look back to my works and i realize i need this


added the thikness but no details only modeling here

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He has a serious overbite. Other than that you are getting along very nicely.

thanks i gave him a spine (it was very hard)

oh my god what mecanism do we have !!


Nicely done!

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thanks you more progress is added

thank you for your seport all, i’m gonna turn this skeleton into a scene


i got tricked in the shape of the spine it’s turning the opposite way and i’m too lazy to it now may be later when i see more progress

i had strong feeling that i couldn’t resist to make the face of this beauty, if anyone knows her in person give her my love, this serie moved something inside me

a harder try

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really despointing result, this the time where to need zbrush, can’t get more geometry

I don’t think Zbrush will offer you anything in this instance that Blender can’t, and I don’t think more geometry is what you need. I think the main cause of frustration is a lack of understanding of the process. I’d also say you should try slowing down a little bit.

You’re trying to finish a sculpt it seems, which while possible, is not the best way of doing things. You should sculpt your general shape, and then re-topologise. Any additional sculpting can then be done on the mesh with clean topology via the Multires, rather than Dyntopo or similar.

If you’re going for likeness, you should gather as many references as possible. You only get basic positional information from a single front facing image. You need more data to go off of. Side views, 3/4 views, different lighting etc…Anya Taylor-Joy has real distinct features, specifically her eyes and lips.

Don’t be afraid to use a reference image directly over/under your sculpt aswell.

Your initial sculpt is actually fine, you just need to take a step back, forget about hair and rendering etc…and focus on getting the overall shape and proportions right.

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This, 100%. Blender can totally do it all, Zbrush tends to make it look as if it where a magic bullet that solves all problems, but I’ve been working with both for years now and I tell you, it is not. Proportions are usually the main problem. Take it slow as @Magnavis already said and you’re good to go.

Blender has by the way one thing that is so much superior - you can see your model in multiple viewports from different angles at the same time. This is a HUGE advantage. :slight_smile:


ok i agree may be it doesn’t need to swich to zbrush but i always stuck in this point this is why i started the anatomy study and i would like to hurry up so i can move to muscles study…and i did the retology and the multiresolution have a look now

Edit : i surender

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I’m going to sound like a stuck record a little, but I will say again: Slow down!
If you want to improve, then doing things quickly, and skipping steps isn’t going to help you. You say you want to hurry up so you can study muscles, which is fine - Ok. But you need to know why you’re studying those things, right?

What do you actually want to achieve? If you want to be able to sculpt detailed, realistic, anatomically correct bodies, then sure, practice all the anatomy you want. But if you rush, and skip steps, you’re going to come up against the same problem.

Just ask yourself what it is you actually want to do, rather than what you think you need to do. There is a huge difference between the two.

actually what i need to is the way for what i want, i was doing the anime characters when people told me to do the anatomy study, and while i’m doing it i watched the queen gambit serie and i felt for the first time in a while to do this actress but i think i’m stuck here in the texturing not on the modeling part :cry:

I just started playing around with oil paint, the first portrait I tried was also of Beth, exactly this character. I’ve been drawing heads and faces for over 10 years now and still couldn’t get it perfect and it took me solid 8-10 hours.

What I want to say is, again: take what Magnavis told you. Slow down (even after doing it for many years I have to slow down to get even close to a likeness), get the proportions right and don’t do too much with the materials, it won’t help you.

As for the reference images, stick with 1-2 main references. The one on top where she looks straight at us is pretty good. Keep it up and have fun, that is pretty important too! :slight_smile:

you guys are the best, i realize it now i was really skipping the details sculpting part, this face is really difirent, she has ups and downs not between face features but inside features themselves, i’m gonna give it more time and if i fail again i think i have to study the muscles of the face, her muscles aren’t popping out as i was thinking they are some how curved inside!!
this is why she looks like curved cheek bone even she has that popping out as you can see in the first and third references i used
what hard exercice she is

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Just bare in mind, in the 3rd image, she’s smiling a little, which will puff the cheeks out a little more than a more neutral expression, such as the first image. Try and keep references as neutral as possible :smiley:

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