Anchiornis in rain

Another render of Anchiornis.
More on Artstation:
Pine assets: Botaniq


Stunning work!


This look so real, just like ordinary photo… nothing more, nothing less. Great work.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Amazing work.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Damn you are so nailing this.

Another fantastic render. I love these type of things. I love colourful and feathered dinos. Much better than the old plain grey and brown imaginings of the past.

That’s just an incredible work of paleo art. So is the Sinosauropteryx family group on the latest Blender opening screen.

Awesome!! Loves the feather and fur…Keep up the cool

I don’t understand how are artists able to achieve this tremendous level of realism?! please, I’d love to know what I need to know about to reach this level.

Amazing wok :+1:

This is like the most photorealistic Blender render I’ve ever seen, it is just so incredibly realistic, I thought the tree leaves and branch are real but they are also CG…that is so photo-like, I wonder what renderer was used to render this? is it Cycles or another renderer? does anybody know?

Wow, incredible. Like a photograph from aeons ago, so perfect. I love the pose and the personality. Now I want to know more about Anchiornis. Thanks for sharing!

Truly amazing render again! Ill will call you Joanna Bokeh Jedi from now on. Such amazing shots, really dig that fat creamy Bokeh in your shots :slight_smile:

The animal, the vegetation, the wet feathers, everything comes together sooo well! Amazing work!

Beautiful piece of realistic art. Your work on ArtStation is mind blowing. Would love some tutorials on your dino modeling and texturing.

Jaw-dropping, Amazing!

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Looks so cute.

Crazy Good!!