Ancient bridge

to a hungarian contest (no results now, maybe next week)

you just got to love the textures and the lghting. perfect compositing - very astetic and artistic.
what can you tell use about the pic?

Once again Endi has … umm done it again :x
Cool piccy

Nice feel endi… those ripples around the wooden poles… how did you do them ?


nice textures! md01 it looks like he extruded the water from the base of the poles.

Yes indeed mod, I see that in the wireframe…wich ofcourse I forgot to look at before posting … :wink:

It’s a really lovely picture.
It has a surreal feeling about it - like somehow we’re looking at something much grander that just a busted up bridge.

I like it.


you’ve done it again you bad asss :stuck_out_tongue:

Endi! I just love each one of your renders. The tiny little butterfly add sooo much to the composition. It’s so subtile that it give the whole picture a poetic dimension. As always lighting and colors are perfect.
I love your art.

Awesome work, endi! The wood looks great!




i like it a lot :smiley:

GR8 picture


that is amazing!

good job endi!

id love to watch u blend sometime, its amazing!

You just don’t stop do you? Please submit this to the gallery. Brilliant.

I just love the texturing on this one! And the way you made the water ripple, it’s pure genius. Excellent work, endi! I’d give you five Zorros, but that’s ztonzy’s job and I’m too lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with the contest endi. Very beautiful

yeah man that is freaking sweet!!!

As I searched my very hardest, I did find something that didn’t look quite right. In the bottom right hand corner, I wasn’t sure if those were supposed to be ripples or not, and from looking at the wireframe, it looks like they are. But they don’t look as nice as the rest of them.

That’s it. My one, nitpicky little crit. It’s an absolutely amazing render. The wood looks perfectly aged, and knotted. Excellent work artistically. You still continue to amaze me.

Your mesh is so simple and yet the final image is breathtaking. The textures are incredible - excellent job endi, you never dissapoint :slight_smile: .


Great great work Endi. Your art inspires.


OK, I’m not trying to downplay your work endi. This is a very nice piece. However, I think it could be improved with a few minor adjustments.

The lighting is off significantly. If you look at the highlights of the sunlight on the clouds, reflected in the water, and also at the highlight reflected in the water, your main lightsource should be coming from the top right of your image. Your shadows show a light source from the upper left hand of the image.

The wood texture you have used seems to have almost no bump map at all. For wood that has been under water, I would say that this is OK, as the water would tend to smooth out those surfaces. But for the wood that is exposed, it should be rougher over time and also have some faded discolouration. It almost appears to be new wood, rather tha old wood.

The wood just above the water should also show a soaked, darker wet look, to simulate the capilary action of the wood soaking up water near the surface. You have no such transition.

Make these changes and you will have a very nice, more photoreal piece.