AnimAide (Free add-on for Blender 2.80 to manipulate keys on a fcurve)

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Extra Sliders

AnimAide is a free add-on for Blender 2.80 that has some helpful tools for animation inspired by what you can find in other software. It gives you the ability to simultaneously manipulate a group of keys across multiple fcurves from either animated objects or animated bones in an armature.

There are some Blender options to manipulate keys, but AnimAide open the door to new possibilities. Not only has a wider range of tools but when working with a group of fcurves each one will have their local space.

At the moment, Animaide has two main panels: Sliders and AnimTransform.


The slider has 14 tools so far:

Ease To Ease
Blend Ease
Blend Neighbor
Blend Frame
Blend Offset
Scale Average
Scale Left
Scale Right
Time Offset

Aside from accessing those tools using the slider on the panel, you can also use shortcuts for faster workflow. But If pie-menus are your thing, we have also provided two of them.

Anim Transform:

This tool freezes time, so any transformation you do to an animated object or bones in an armature affect the entire animation equally

I’m a character animator that is adventuring into the world of coding so please let me know of any bugs you find or feedback you may have. I hope you find these tools useful.


Hey @aresdevo welcome to the forums. AnimAide looks like an amazing add-on - thanks for your contribution!

This could be really useful for my current project, but I’m still in 2.79 for a number of reasons… any chance of a version that works there?

Either way, great job and thanks again!

Hmm, I understand your situation. At one point I was trying to keep the add-on compatible with both Blender versions, but it was becoming too distracting for me. Now that the tool is “working” I could try to make it compatible with 2.79 (or at least have a separate version for it). Let me see how soon I can have that for you.

Thanks for the welcome by the way :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks! Looking forward to trying it out. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

This looks very useful, thanks for developing and sharing. :+1:

I’m wondering: do the various AnimAide functions also work between only two consecutive selected keys in multiple F-curves, only manipulating the Bézier handles of the two keys in multiple F-curves?

Hello Metin, thanks for the interest. There are two ways I could interpret your question:

If you are asking if the add-on can manipulate the bezier handles between two keys the answer is no, AnimAide doesn’t affect handles, besides most of the tools do things that cannot be done manipulating handles.

If your question is if the same thing the add-on does can be replicated manipulating the handles between two keys of multiples f-curves, the answer is: In some very specific situations you could replicate what “Ease to Ease” and “Ease” do if you have the “normalize” activated in the graph editor (is impossible to replicate with bezier handles what the other tools do). In the case of “Ease”, all the curves would have to be going in the same direction (up or down) because if not when you move your handles it would affect them differently.

Some animators (more often character animators) want to keep all or some of their keys at least while they are blocking the animation, so AnimAide is meant for that kind of workflow.

If you go to the AnimAide github page and scroll down you can see more information about it.

Sorry, I answered two questions when you asked just one, but wanted to make sure I address it.

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Many thanks for your informative answer(s). I meant the interpolation between two keys in multiple channels, like easing two consecutive movement keys in the x, y and z channel. I always find it cumbersome having to manipulate individual Bézier handles in stead of being able to ease between pairs of selected keys in several F-curves.

I see… That could be an idea for another tool … food for thought :slight_smile:

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The good stuff. Thanks

appreciate your effort will give it a shot

The Anim-Transform tool is not working properly in some cases. I’m addressing some bugs

I just discovered that it’s already possible to manipulate the handles of keyframes in multiple F-curves, if you uncheck a certain option. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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AnimBot but free and in Blender :heart_eyes:

I’ve seen that people have had to fork the addon to keep it alive, anyone know if the developer is okay?

here is an updated version from like 4 months ago:

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Irmitya seems still “active”. Two contributions were done on this Github account on July 29th.

i dont know man, the latest one i see is from april 6, 4 months ago.

Superb tool. Thank you so much for making!

On the Animaid repository, yes ; the latest is from Apri 6th.
but here:, the contribution history shows activity on July 29th.

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the screenshot i posted is from irmitya I dont know where you’re looking at.