Animal shaped wicker baskets

Found these on Pinterest. Aren’t they just adorable…

Download baskets
Making wicker baskets in Blender

References - Pottery Barn Kids
giraffe - knitted material
llama - crib, fox
unicorn - wooden toys, towels, basket
whale and fish #1 - soccer ball, train, truck
whale and fish #2 - teddy bear, bear, monkey, reindeer, owl


What a beautiful set of images. Great work on a lot of levels, but I’ve especially loved the light on these. Also, nice stuff on the links. Thanks, Kate.

Beautiful :star_struck:

Thank you!
The references are amazing, I’ve merely tried to reproduce them :wink:

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So beautiful, you did an amazing job.

The light is perfect ! Great work !

Awesome work!

I want the fish! :smile:

:heart: Nice, and thanks for sharing.

I ddid a basket a while ago using tissue addon, is an easy way :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

@bartv, thank you! :blush:

@GIPeN, indeed, tissue addon is super useful.