Animalll texture animation export

Hello, I am new to the site and blender and am unsure as to what the propper way to format this.

I have this simple animation, i need to export the animation as gltf or fbx with the texture animation but i cannot export and keep the texture animation. The best i can manage is the model with flat texture. Any suggestion or help is much appreciated

Google Drive Link-

What is being animated in this file, the UV offset?

I’m not aware that animated UVs are exported in glTF or FBX. You may need to re-create that part of the animation in the software used to view the model, unfortunately. See

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Hello, Thank you for the suggestion ill look into that. My end goal is to upload to sketchfab. Here is a model from there that was originally uploaded as FBX and you can download as fbx or gtfl with the animation
(2) Flame Animation Test - Download Free 3D model by vabart (@vabart) [874da84] - Sketchfab

I’m not sure how the original FBX file was made, but the glTF that Sketchfab lets you download is using something like a “flipbook” animation — it has N meshes for N frames, and each mesh has different UV offsets into the same texture. There are ways to avoid duplicating most of the mesh data, so this isn’t necessarily going to make the file too large.

If that would work for you, some of the answers in Export mesh animation to .gltf / .usdz might help.

Hello, Thank you for your help, Much appreciated

Hello, I am awfully sorry and really thankful for the time you have already given me.
I attempted the MDD. file type method however it is still a static texture…