Animated music video entirely made with Blender

Here’s the animated music video I’ve made for a song by the band KOS. Hope you enjoy!

KOS - Le Bus (Official Video)

early WIP Thread

It’s the longest animation I’ve ever done and it took me about 3 months to complete, from coming up with the plot to the final edit. I made it using only Blender, pen and paper, and a spreadsheet editor to keep track of things on a shotlist. I rigged the 2 main characters with rigify, but apart from that I did everything from scratch.

Initially my idea was to mix hand drawn Greasepencil with 3D, but then I totally got carried away with Geometry Nodes (which are so much fun to experiment with). By the end, apart for a few details, everything is 3D with LineArt modifiers.

The action scenes where a lot of fun animate even if it’s so very hard to properly show weight

The bubbles are an old-school particle system emiting a few looping GP frames

To save time I randomized a whole bunch of stuff: trees, cars, windows, etc… Even the textures are picked at random

The only bit where I got to film myself acting out the scene as a reference. Wish I had done that more but it takes time (and setting up wires in my house to mime the flying shots wasn’t super practical)

I had to simplify and trim a lot of stuff from the original storyboard to finish it all within the deadline. For most of the shorter shots, what I thought was just a first animation pass ended up being the final one because I didn’t have time to go back and refine it.


Great job!

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cheers :grin: t’was so much work!