"Making of" videos for a music video

For the last 2 months and a half I’ve been working on a music video entirely made with Blender for a french rock band called KOS. At the start they did a crowdfunding campaign, mostly to pay me really, and I did a few one minute videos to get people to participate. I suppose it worked as the campaign reached its goal (it’s over, so like… this post is not an ad!).

It’s in french, and the first one is about writing the script and storyboarding it, but thought I’d post them here anyway just in case it’s of some interest to anyone.

part 1: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/XcpbfWUfJfk

part 2:

part 3:

Initially I thought I would carry on making little updates even after the crowdfunding was done, but turns out I have sooo much still left to animate and only a couple of weeks in which to do it, so no time for that non-sense (actually I should really be working instead of wasting my time on BA :sob: )


That’s quite interesting !

The making of gives the impression that it’s simple :smiley: But hey everyone deserve to dream !

Well done and good luck for the finishing part, it’s looking really promising !


Thanks! Yep, I tried to get across the idea that often you try something and after wasting time realise that it just doesn’t work, but compressing weeks in minutes make it look a lot more efficient and purposeful than it really is :sweat_smile:


Hahaha ! I’ve looked at your other works and they’re great , I’m really looking forward how this one will end up !
Good luck !


I finally finished it! the last few weeks had been pretty intense :sweat_smile:
Posted here: Animated music video entirely made with Blender

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Well done ! I particularly like the camera work and editing !
It’s so difficult to bring a whole universe to life for a few minutes on screen , you managed it very well !

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